When a Heart Stops: A Novel (Deadly Reunions)

by Lynette Eason

Paperback, 2012



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Revell (2012), Edition: Original, 336 pages

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Spunky and outgoing, nothing much bothers medical examiner Serena Hopkins-- except for the thought of falling in love again. But when a serial killer is picking off her former classmates, Serena's life becomes intertwined with her old high school crush, FBI agent Dominic Allen. Is the secret she's keeping putting her next on the killer's hit list? Can she trust Dominic with the truth before it's too late?


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336 p.; 8.5 inches



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LibraryThing member macygma
In the sequel to her first “Deadly Reunions” book titled When The Smoke Clears , Lynette Easton continues the story of Alexia, Hunter and friends. This time, Serena Hopkins, the town medical Examiner, is up against a slew of murders that all have one link: she graduated with every victim. The
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killer is a copycat of a murderer years ago called the Doll-Maker Killer. It can’t be the original because he is still behind bars.
Serena and her once-crush from high school, FBI agent Dominic Allen (Alexia’s brother) make it their purpose to find this murderer and stop him. It’s too close to home to let it go – or to let anyone else handle the case.
In an interesting study of serial killers, groups of friends and how battered and abused children can turn out, Easton has done an excellent job of filling out the plot, bringing in surprise characters (Camille, the battered teen) and weaving it all together in a book that will keep you up until it’s done. I had absolutely NO clue as to the killer’s identity! I thought I did but I was wrong – which made it an even better read!
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LibraryThing member MonicaLynn
Serena is being stalked by the killer that was after Alexia in Book 1 or so we believe. She is also falling for Dominic (Alexia's Brother). With all the twists and turns you really do not know what is going to happen next in this one until the very end. A Lot of excitement and action. Another great
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addition to this series.
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LibraryThing member JenniferRobb
The second book in the Deadly Reunions series focuses on medical examiner, Serena Hopkins.

Once again, the author puts the main character in peril without revealing the full extent of the story--in fact, just as we are supposedly going to find out what's in the packet everyone is so interested in,
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the story ends.

I remember hearing on the TV show "Criminal Minds" that most serial killers are male, so it's odd that the author's had 2 books in a row with a female antagonist.

It's also a little suspect that so far, both books have involved the female main character reconnecting with a male she was interested in in high school, only to have him (male main character) respond in kind.
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