by Dee Henderson

Paperback, 2008



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Tyndale House Publishers (2008), Edition: 8/30/08, 368 pages


Fiction. Romance. Suspense. Christian Fiction. HTML:Someone snatched his cousin's wife and son. FBI agent Luke Falcon is searching for a kidnapper and sorting out the crime. He's afraid it's the work of a stalker. He's afraid they're already dead. And he'll do anything required to get them back alive . . . but he didn't plan on falling in love with the only witness. This stand-alone title is a repackage of what was previously known as True Courage, the fourth book in the Uncommon Heroes series.


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368 p.; 8.2 inches


1414323638 / 9781414323633



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LibraryThing member MaryAnn12
The fourth book in the Uncommon Valor series, "Kidnapped" unfolds as a hunted murderer, Frank Hardin, eludes FBI agent Luke Falcon once again. Falcon delays plans to join his family for a Labor Day weekend gathering so that he can follow one more lead. Tragically, his relatives (and the woman he
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has not admitted he loves) become the target of a kidnapper and ransom demand while also on their way to the weekend. Falcon must do everything in his power to find them while keeping an eye on the search for Hardin. The storylines blend nicely as the suspense builds.

Henderson depicts levels of faith realistically with the various characters, showing steadfast faith no matter what, as well as doubts and fears when all hope seems lost, and faith restored when hurdles are overcome. Dee Henderson is an accomplished bestselling Christian suspense/romance novelist, but her writing also crosses over into mainstream fiction. Her characters are well-crafted, her stories fast-paced, the main characters' thoughts faith-based.

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