Firethorn (Discarded Heroes, Book 4)

by Ronie Kendig

Paperback, 2012



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Barbour Publishing, Inc. (2012), Edition: Discarded Heroes, 352 pages


Fiction. Romance. Christian Fiction. HTML: Don your tactical gear and enter the world of black ops and espionage within the pages of Ronie Kendig's thriller Firethorn. Former Marine Griffin "Legend" Riddell, a fugitive from injustice, finds it difficult to trust anyone. Covert operative Kazi Faron, the woman sent to free him, has a dangerous secret that may jeopardize her life, mission, and the only man she respects. As Griffin and Kazi race around the globe to save Nightshade, the danger mounts. Will they find the culprit sabotaging their black ops team? Can their newfound feelings and trust survive when Griffin and Kazi face truth and terror?.


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LibraryThing member JosephLYoung
Action packed Black Ops. adventure story that includes the pathos that typical war heroes and their families must deal with on a daily basis. Includes crooked politicians, betrayals, redemption and the the emotional turmoil that threatens their very mission. The operational details are
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authentically described and the inter group loyalty and sense of family are accurately portrayed. It is a story that has you floating along as an invisible member of the team, sharing in their emotions as they charge to finish their mission regardless of cost. Your personal involvement makes the finale enjoyable and rewarding on a personal level. It is an involving story that you will not likely be able to put down until you close the final chapter. Definitely a great read.
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LibraryThing member BeautyintheBinding
Falsely accused of murder and locked in a maximum security penitentiary, Griffin Riddell doesn't expect to be broken out of prison by cute blonde, Kazi Faron. In a whirlwind of action Griffin follows Kazi who claims to be reassembling the Nightshade team. Danger and adventure surround Griffin and
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Kazi as they attempt to rescue the other team members. They are forced to trust each other with their lives, but will they trust each other with their hearts?

Firethorn, the fourth book in the Disgarded Heroes Series by Ronie Kendig, can be read as a stand-alone novel, but I recommend reading the books in order. Griffin's character was especially enjoyable for me. He had a unique, somewhat unpredictable personality that was intriguing. The storyline hooked me from the beginning, as is common for action/suspense novels. Underlying themes about trusting in God and the importance of loyalty added depth to the story. Having recently read Wolfsbane, the third book in the series, I definitely had some high expectations for Firethorn. I was slightly disappointed as I thought Wolfsbane was better, but overall it is still a very good read and I would recommend it an anyone looking for Christian suspense/romance book.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free as part of FIRST Wild Card Tours. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."
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LibraryThing member rhonda1111
Review: Firethorn by Ronie Kendig
Firethorn is the last book of the Discarded Heroes series. I have now read only 2 of the 4 but they don't disapoint at all. I liked the book except the part that brought me to tears.
Discarded Heroes is about a special black ops team. They are loyal but have
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some problems and thier families don't all know they are serving are country still.
This last book opens with their team under attack at their secret base and some are taken two get out of building before its bombed.
Max Jacobs was Navy Seal, Canyon Metcalf was Army Special Forces, Colton
Neeley was Marine, Griffen Riddell was Marne, Marshall Vaughn was Army Ranger, John Dighton Navy Seal, Azzan Yasr and General Olin Lambert member of Joint Chiefs of Staff
For the past 6 months Griffen Riddell has been locked up prison for killing a U.S. Senator. He has been in isolation because he is very dangerous with his training he is also innocent.
The General does not know who took his team but he sent someone to break Griffen out of prison so he can help rescue his team. Kazi who goes by lots of different alias. She does not trust Griffen and he does not know her and hates working in the dark.
His team has spread out around the world. They only have a week before Azzan his killed in the middle east. Their is a lot intrique and you don't know who to trust and why the team was taken out. Could not put the book down. I would love to read the first two books of the series. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest reviews from Netgalley.
01/01/2012 PUB Barbour Publishing, Inc.
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LibraryThing member judyg54
What a great ending to a great series! This story will keep you on your toes as you try to figure out what went wrong and who is responsible for it and who can you really trust? No one if safe and new people will be called in to help get the Nightshade team back together.

One of the team members
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that needs help getting busted out of prison is former marine Griffin Riddell, aka Legend, and covert operative Kazi Faron has been given the task to reassemble the team and she begins with Legend. She is very good at what she does, but lacks the trust factor and the ability to work as a team with Legend. He knows her well and tries hard to break down her defenses, but Kazi has a lot of secrets and one of them could get everyone killed. Legend and Kazi must work together to help get the team safe once again.

From the very first chapter I was taken by surprise and things just seemed to go from bad to worse for the Nightshade team, but strength and honor and the bond between these men (and women) will get them through. I learned to appreciate all the people in this series. They were "discarded heroes" but they turned themselves around and became a "band of brothers". It will be hard to say goodbye to this series. I appreciate the way the author also wove into her stories the strong spiritual thread that got these men through some very rough times.

If you are thinking of reading this book as a stand alone I would discourage anyone from doing that. There is so much you need to know about this team of men that it is really a good idea to start at the beginning and read the whole series. You won't be disappointed.
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LibraryThing member lamb521
Title: Firethorn (Discarded Heroes #4)
Author: Ronie Kendig
Pages: 403
Year: 2018
Publisher: Task Force Press
My rating: 5 out of 5
Each novel thus far in the series has been edge of your seat suspense and thrills! The last novel is just like the others in that it focuses on one member of the Nightshade
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Team and reveals something about the character. There is an element of a love interest as well. We meet the man who has skills that make him a valued member of the team and they call him Legend.
It seems that someone very powerful wants to make Legend’s life a living Hell and rips everything away from him. Legend is in jail, stripped of everything and in a cell that is small but seems even smaller because Legend is a huge man. While he is in jail, the team is decimated it seems. For some nefarious reason they are sent to different locations to suffer, big time torture!
Now Legend is free and sets out to get back each member of Nightshade no matter where it takes him and what dangers will attempt to keep him from completing that mission. The twists and turns in the plot give the reader a plethora of possible outcomes to think about and ponder. He meets a woman whose skills make him proud of her but also begin to break down the walls of his heart.
Audiences will find it hard to take a break from reading because it is nonstop action! Plus knowing there has to be a conclusion of some sort that shows who is behind all the painful hurt inflicted on the team and their families made me stay up late to find the answer. Once again, Ronie Kendig gives a series that reveals the heroes of the military and their families.
I know that in the future I will once again read this exciting series, but for now I am sharing them with a friend. Grab a book, read and share it with another reader, then maybe over coffee share your thoughts about the books. There is a novella titled, Lygos, which is the last book to read and though little it was very exciting!
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LibraryThing member lamb521
Title: Firethorn (Discarded Heroes #4)
Author: Ronie Kendig
Pages: 394
Year: 2018
Publisher: Task Force Press
My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.
Griffin Riddell is imprisoned in a Supermax facility for allegedly killing a congressman. He is innocent of the crime, but the backer and lead of his secret special
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ops team can’t spring him from jail. He is called to the visitation area at the prison and is soon freed from prison illegally by a woman he has never seen before with mad spy skills. He discovers her mission is to track down and bring back each member of his team from wherever they have been held captive with his help. In a very short period of time, Griffin falls for his rescuer, but they each have baggage from the past that they haven’t worked through and this may keep them from a future together.
Kazi Foranksi has many skills as an operative, but can these skills protect her heart? Griffin Riddell pushes her to stay on her toes. He challenges her, but he also wants to protect her. She has been working for over ten years doing her spy thing, but now she wants out. With the money she will make from delivering the members of Nightshade to their leader, she can retire she hopes. The man who is her handler is an evil man who controls her through fear and manipulation. She wants to be free of his sadistic ways. This mission is the most difficult of her career; failure is not an option, and neither is love.
Adrenaline lovers, this book is for you! With action galore and a fast tempo, this story kept me turning pages late in the night. Character development is well done to enable readers to connect with them and the story. A plot with multiple story lines keeps readers glued to the pages so they don’t miss anything. Deceit, betrayal, love, camaraderie, trust issues, gunfights, protectiveness and many other similar words are evident in the story. Great book!!
This entire series showcases the dedication, brotherhood and loyalty of a black ops team to each other and the USA. These men are willing to die for each other and for their country. Although this story is fiction, there are many unknown and unnamed real-life heroes in our military today who I want to thank for their service and sacrifice for our country.
Note: The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility.
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