Gideon's Gift (The Red Gloves Collection #1)

by Karen Kingsbury

Hardcover, 2002



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Warner Books | FalthWords (2002), 160 pages


Fiction. Literature. Performing Arts. HTML:One long-ago Christmas, Earl Gibson lost the two things most precious to him: his wife and daughter. Angry and heartbroken, he ended up living on the streets and abandoned any belief he'd once had in God. Ten years later Big Earl meets Gideon, a seven-year-old leukemia patient who believes with all her heart that "Christmas means never having to ask God how much he loves us." Gideon is determined to reach this lonely and hurting man who hates Christmas �?? and he is just as determined to rebuff her. It will take a miracle for Earl to come to understand the true meaning of Christmas. But if he can accept what Gideon wants to give him, he might find that he can return the favor with a precious gift of his own. In Gideon's Gift, Karen Kingsbury reminds us that Christmas is still a time of miraculous possibilities if only we reach out to those around… (more)


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160 p.; 7.75 inches


0446531243 / 9780446531245

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LibraryThing member dbhutch
This is a great story. I cried almost the whole way through this book.
This is a story about Gideon a little girl with a heart and soul big enough to hold the whole world only thing is her little body is thin and frail and sick with leukemia. She is a little girl from a very poor family.
In this
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book is also Earl a homeless man living on t e streets of the same part of Portland. He meets Gideon at the shelter when she is helping serve dinners and after she tries to befriend him she he is rude to her , the second time she gives him a Christmas gift and he is mean and shove it in his pocket , days later as she is laying in the hospital fighting for her life and he is in the cold rain in an alley .. he opens the gift and finds the most prized gift in his life a pair of red gloved that was stolen from him on night on the streets, he starts to believe in God , goes to the mission to find away to contact the lil girl finds out she is very ill in the hospital he explains his life to DJ the guy who runs the mission , sets up a wonderful Christmas and check to give Gideon the treatment she needed to save her life and a wonderful Christmas at that
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LibraryThing member judyg54
This may be a small book, but it is a story of a little girl who has a large heart when it comes to loving and sharing and concern for others. It was a story that brought to me many different emotions as I was reading it. It is a story of hope and believing in miracles at Christmas and seeing them
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I liked the way the story started and then flashed back in time and then flashed back in time again. Earl is a man who gave up on life and finds himself living on the streets; and it took Gideon, a little girl struggling with a life threatening disease, to help bring him back to God. Gideon and her family were a joy to read about and even though they had their struggles, they had each other and that is what really mattered. I read this in one evening and when I finished I came away from reading this book with a desire to reach out to others the way that Gideon did. What a remarkable little girl she was.
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LibraryThing member HopingforChange
This is a good little story. It is supposed to be inspirational, but it tends to be a little sappy instead. I think this is intentional in a way. It is what it is and it isn't much more. I think Kingsbury has done much better work, particularly A Time to Dance, which was a stronger work with a lot
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more conflict. However, Kingsbury has a penchant for syrupy sweet endings. Those have their place, but sometimes, life isn't like that, and we don't see that toughness in her work, making it a smidge one-dimensional. Still, not bad for a short read.
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LibraryThing member classyhomemaker
Simple and predictable...but touching, nonetheless. Plus, it's set in Oregon! Woo Hoo!! The hospital that Gideon stays at is the same children's hospital where my brother was treated and eventually passed away. I've walked through the glass corridor several times...the same place where Gideon and
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her father stopped to pray. This was a great little story to put the focus back on God and others...where the focus of Christmas should be!!
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