OCEANS APART A Regrettable Mistake, a Terrible Disaster, an Unexpected Chance to Forgive

by Karen Kingsbury

Paperback, 2005



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Zondervan Publishing House (2005), Edition: Later Printing

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Fiction. Christian Fiction. HTML: A forgotten secret. A shocking discovery. A sacrifice of love that will bring Connor Evans to his knees. A story of hope and redemption from #1 New York Times bestselling author Karen Kingsbury. Airline pilot Connor Evans and his wife, Michele, seem to be the perfect couple living what looks like a perfect life. Then a plane goes down in the Pacific Ocean. One of the casualties is Kiahna Siefert, a flight attendant Connor knew well. Too well. Kiahna's will is very clear: before her seven-year-old son, Max, can be turned over to the state, he must spend the summer with the father he's never met, the father who doesn't know he exists: Connor Evans. Now will the presence of one lonely child and the truth he represents destroy Connor's family? Or is it possible for healing and hope to appear in the shape of a seven-year-old boy? "[Kingsbury's] ability to accurately express life's sorrows and grief through her characters' inner dialogue rings true time and again." �??Publishers Weekly on Every Now & Then "Her emotionally charged novels often contain a strong romantic component and feature Christians at odds with their everyday world. This title is no exception. Recommend this one to readers who enjoy well-drawn characters and contemporary settings." �??Library Journal on The Baxters Take Fou… (more)


Christian Book Award (Winner — Fiction — 2005)



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LibraryThing member debs4jc
Plot Summary: What happens, When & Where, Central Characters, Major Conflicts
Max, a little 7 year old boy, loves his dog Buddy and his mother Kiahna. But his world is shattered when his mother's plane crashes over the ocean and she is killed. However Max has a dad that he knows nothing about--and
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who knows nothing about him. Conner Evans' life seems about as perfect as it can get at the moment. He has two beautiful girls, a loving and adoring wife, and a job he enjoys as an airline pilot. The only flaw is his estranged relationship with his dad. But then he gets a phone call from a lawyer in Hawaii that rocks his world. His one time, brief affair with a flight attendent resulted in a child--Max--who is now left alone after his mothers death. Her dying wish was that Max spend two weeks with Conner before being placed in a foster home. Conner and his wife Michelle now face the crisis of their lives, having to decide on the fate of their marriage in the light of these revealations--and the fate of a hearbroken boy.
Style Characteristics: Pacing, clarity, structure, narrative devices, etc.
Kingsbury is the master of tugging at the heartstrings with emotionally laden situations. Conner, Michelle, and even Max seem like the people next door in their ordinariness and realistic reactions to these events. Kingsbury also weaves in the element of faith, with Max being a strong believer in God, but Michelle and Conner being somewhat lapsed in their faith. A butterfly metaphor is used to symbolize the second chance at a new life that predicatably occurs by the end of the story.
How Good is it?
Emotionally moving, yet predictable and tied up a little too neatly.
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LibraryThing member DCon
Top Christian Fiction author in my opinion. This books tugs at your heartstrings. It is about a soldier's child he fathered while overseas. His wife isn't ready to accept the orphaned child while the child wants desperately to have a family.
LibraryThing member TeriLynneU
I love to read Karen Kingsbury. This was excellent. A great story - compelling characters, fascinating plot, and brutal in it's honesty of th struggle to forgive in marriage.
LibraryThing member momstitch
Every one of Karen Kingsbury's books makes me cry and this was no exception. It was a predictable book, not one of Kingsbury's best but still a good book.
LibraryThing member Harron857
Excellent book by an amazing author. Heartwarming story.
LibraryThing member HuberK
I was SO moved by this book. I'm not a teary person, but I cried 5 times, while reading this book. I also stayed up all night reading it, because the content was so compelling.

Max is 7 years old, he has the perfect life with his mom Kiahna, who is a stewardess and his best friend in the whole
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world, Buddy, his dog. His mother's and his friend Raimey who has looked after Max, for his whole life. Raimey is an older lady with complicated health issues. Everything was perfect, until one day, Max's mommy didn't come home.

Raimey took care of him and Buddy, as Raimey notified Kiahna's attorney that she was dead. Raimey found that Kiahna's will stipulated that Max spend two weeks with his biological father, before he be put up for adoption. Max has never heard of, or seen his father. It has always just been him and mommy; with Raimey helping out some.

Kiahna and Conner met at an airport in Honolulu, when Conner, a commercial airline pilot gets stranded at the airport, when a hurricane is blowing around. One thing led to another, after a series of misunderstandings and the following day, Conner flew home to his family.

Kiahna & Max lived in their own, special little world. It devastated everyone around Max, because he was such a wonderful little boy with all of this tragedy all around him.

Highly recommend.
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