Like Dandelion Dust

by Karen Kingsbury

Paperback, 2006



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Center Street (2006), 384 pages


Fiction. Literature. Karen Kingsbury delivers a powerful new novel about two parents' love for their child and the surprising lengths they will go to keep their family together when a judge rules that their adopted son must be returned to his biological father.


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384 p.; 8 inches


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LibraryThing member Suzannah1
By far the worse book I have ever read, this book was preachy and poorly written.
LibraryThing member jaidahsmommy
I couldn't finish this book. I suffered through about 100 pages and just couldn't take it anymore. I did skim the last few pages because I wanted to see how it ended, but I couldn't even force myself to read them.

This was the most self-righteous, ridiculous crap I have ever read. I was really
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looking forward to this book, the plot behind it was very interesting. But I could not handle all the religious whining that went on. "Oh, it's so unfair that my sister has a fun life and happy family when they don't go to church or bible study every week. That's not fair, blah blah blah." What really, really got me and made me stop reading this book was this quote : "God, please give Molly a reason to need you. I won't bring it up... so give her a reason, God. Please." So because it wasn't fair for Molly to love life and have a happy one without having to devote herself to church and bible study, she wants something bad to happen to her so she will have a reason to pray? Clearly the author is trying to make a point here. Devote your life to Christ or you shall be punished.

The other major problem I had with this book was the writing style. the author could not complete a sentence or give a character the control over their own thoughts without having to validate it. I can write a book, right? I can make spaghetti for dinner, right? Some examples:

Their attitude towards church was ok, wasn't it?
What they had was fine, wasn't it?
She still had a few Camels, right?
He'd been sorry before, right?
That had to be better, right?

and so on, and so on...

I really wanted to enjoy this book, that is why I kept reading it after twenty pages. It just wasn't possible.
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