The Mercy (The Rose Trilogy, Book 3)

by Beverly Lewis

Paperback, 2011



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Bethany House Publishers (2011), Edition: 1, 306 pages


Rose Kauffman pines for prodigal Nick Franco, the Bishop's foster son who left the Amish under a cloud of suspicion after his foster brother's death. His rebellion led to the "silencing" of their beloved Bishop. But is Nick really the rebel he appears to be? Rose's lingering feelings for her wayward friend refuse to fade, but she is frustrated that Nick won't return and make things right with the People. Nick avowed his love for Rose--but will he ever be willing to sacrifice modern life for her? Meanwhile, Rose's older sister, Hen, is living in her parents' Dawdi Haus. Her estranged "English" husband, injured and helpless after a car accident, has reluctantly come to live with her and their young daughter during his recovery. Can their marriage recover, as well? Is there any possible middle ground between a woman reclaiming her old-fashioned Amish lifestyle and thoroughly modern man?… (more)


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LibraryThing member EdnaT
As all ways Beverly Lewis ended this series in just the way I hoped she would. Rose was still without a beau after she and Silas broke up. She didn't love him and he loved another. She is still keeping house for Gilbert Browning and his daughter Beth. Beth had dreamed that Rose's invelid mother
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would get better, so they are planning on her having back surgery after much prayer.

Rose had left a note in the box that was hidden for her love, not ever thinking anyone would ever find it, but when she went back and looked it was gone. Oh she hoped the Lord took and no one else found it. She didn't want anyone to read what she was feeling in her heart.

Her sister Hen and her little four year old daughter Mattie Sue is still living in the Dawi house while taking care of Brandon Hen's husband. He was filling for divorce but after he had a car accident he was blind for the time being so Hen opened her heart and was taking care of him. She didn't want a divorce but she felt that she just could not live the English life. And Brandon felt he could not become Amish, now what were they going to do?

I want to thank Bethany House for sending me this book for my review.
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LibraryThing member Coranne
An excellent ending to an excellent series. I am not sure if it is because I live in "Amish Country" or the idea of living a Plain life fascinates me, but I loved this series! Beverly Lewis again proves that she is a master author. I couldn't tear myself away from this book! I am so happy with how
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the stories ended- the entire series was tied up neatly, leaving no storyline unanswered.I thought the characters really stayed true to themselves the entire way through the book. Sometimes with a series- the characters can become a parody of themselves. As a reader, that can be disheartening. The author did a great job keeping the story engaging and nail biting. I honestly wasn't sure how it would turn out for Rose and Hen. If you haven't read the Rose Trilogy yet- I would highly suggest it. It is a fun look into the Amish community.
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LibraryThing member adaynasmile
Great trilogy. I'll admit that I cried in happiness at the way this trilogy ended up. Looking forward to reading more of her books in the future.
LibraryThing member Robin661
The Mercy
Beverly Lewis
This is the final book in the Rose Trilogy. The story surrounds an Amish family that has 2 daughters very different at the start in their faith, family values and lifestyle. As the final book continues there are dramatic changes that occur for both young women. The oldest
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daughter life has come full circle with her marriage, family and faith. Her spouse has changed significantly with extended family remaining an important influence. The younger daughter has been through multiple problems with the young men that she has been courted by. Her life will again be dramatically changed in a way she never imagined. The characters were believable and the story line was believable. This is a trilogy I would recommend to people and look forward to another series written by Beverly Lewis.
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LibraryThing member lyssa73

predictable, but enjoyable all the same. though i found the resolution between hen and brandon to kind of appear out of no where. brandons change was so subtle that i missed it entirely. and i was really surprised at the compromise, but glad i guess, too.
LibraryThing member skstiles612
I received a copy to facilitate my review. The Opinions expressed here are my own.

If you haven’t read the first two books in this series “The Thorn” and “The Judgment” I would suggest you do.
Briefly you have Rose Kauffman who was taking care of her mother after a buggy accident. You have
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her sister Hen and her five year old daughter Mattie Sue. Hen had married an Englisher and then gone back home during which time her husband began divorce proceeding that threatened her custody of her daughter. Then there was her husbands car accident. Rosie and her boyfriend Silas have had an on again, off again relationship. Then there is Nick, the bishops adopted son who came from the English world and seems to have left for it again after the bishop’s son Christian is killed in an accident. Does Rosie love Silas or does she love Nick? Does Silas love Rosie or does he love Rehbeka? All of that drama and more happened in the first two books.

In this third book in the series, Beverly Lewis has tied up all of the loose ends. Rosie’s mother is finally going to have the back surgery that will hopefully alleviate the terrible pain she has been in for years. Rosie is still having relationship issues. She turns Silas loose, but now there is another guy in the picture named Isaac. Then Nick returns. Because of all that went on with the Bishop’s sons, he has been “silenced”. I found it inspiring that it was the Bishop God used to reach Hen’s husband. He had made it clear he wanted nothing to do with the Amish and their ways. After being temporarily blinded and having to stay in the Amish community, thing have changed. So now you are wondering what exactly has changed yes? Well this is where I tell you that once again Beverly Lewis has done an excellent job of storytelling and that you really must read the book to find out how all of these conflicts were fixed or not. This is another highly recommended series by a great author.
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LibraryThing member judyg54
The final book in this trilogy and I enjoyed how the author brought this to a conclusion (it was the one I wanted, but at times I wasn't sure if things were going to work out the way they did). Once again, it was about two Amish sisters and their yearnings for real and lasting love. These three
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books could be written as one big book, so I encourage you to read them in the order written.

In this story Hen is still caring for her injured husband and hoping that their marriage can be saved. Loved the way the author brought this all about. Hen's sister Rose keeps trying to find love in those she dates, but something is always missing. And when a certain man moves back and seeks to become "fully Amish", Rose will finally find she can give her whole heart to this man.
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