A Proper Pursuit

by Lynn Austin

Paperback, 2007



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Bethany House Publishers (2007), Edition: Reprinted, 432 pages

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Set in 1893 Chicago and seasoned with wholesome humor, A Proper Pursuit tells the uplifting story of 20-year-old Violet Hayes and her search for her elusive mother and for true love. In her quest, Violet learns much about love, faith, and life as she marches for women's rights, feeds slum dwellers, hobknobs with the highfalutin, and ponders marriage proposals.


Christy Awards (Nominee — Historical — 2008)


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432 p.; 8.5 inches


0764228919 / 9780764228919

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LibraryThing member debs4jc
Violet is shocked to learn of her father's engagement, and that he has been lying to her about the whereabouts of her mother. She is determined to go to Chicago to get away from him, his pressure for her to get married, and to see the World's Fair But it just isn't proper for Violet to travel by
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herself and her father is unsure about the influence of her grandmother and her sisters. But Violet is resolute and so she is soon off to Chicago, where she encounters many different sides of the city. There is the high class world of her aunt and her socialite friends, the world of the destitute that her grandmother ministers too, following in the example of Jane Addams, and their is the world of the suffrage movement, which her great-aunt would love for her to join. Voilet feels torn between so many possibilities, and between so many young men who are presented to her as possible suitors. And all along she wonders what really happened to her mother, who might be somewhere in Chicago for Violet to find.
The historical details sprinkled into the story where nice, and Violet has a fun personality and it was fun to follow her adventures. I could definitely predict how things were going to turn out in spots, but still this is a fun read for fans of historical romance.
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LibraryThing member sarahjbray
A feisty book; in fact, almost unbelievably modern-thinking for the close of the 19th century. Light-hearted Christian fiction with tons of factoids about the Great Chicago Fire and the World's Fair (almost like the author was trying to slip much of her research on the subject).
LibraryThing member praisemusictlp
This was a good book. It was a light-hearted, easy read. Everyone who is related to the heroine thinks they have the perfect man for her. She wants to find her own man and wants some adventure as well. Funny.
LibraryThing member multilingualmaid
Lynn Austin always tells a good story, and A Proper Pursuit is no exception. The novel follows Violet Hayes as she travels to Chicago, ostensibly to visit the World's Fair, but in reality in search of her mother and a way to stop her father's remarriage. Violet's fascination with mysteries spurs on
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her investigations while her aunts introduce her to Chicago society. The element of mystery is relatively light and focuses mostly on the mystery of her family's past which no one seems willing to talk about. A young woman of twenty, Violet struggles to find her place in the world and decide which of her suitors, if any, to accept. Her spirited imagination and humorous narration make Violet a vibrant character. Her aunts too, with all their quirks and eccentricities add to the novel's appeal. I thoroughly enjoyed this humorous yet thought-provoking look at life, family, and love in 19th century Chicago.
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