A Promise to Believe In

by Tracie Peterson

Paperback, 2008



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Bethany House Publishers (2008), Edition: Reprinted, 368 pages


After years spent following their father and his wanderlust, the three Gallatin sisters begin to fashion a life for themselves in the Montana wilds, operating a roadhouse at the crossroads of two stage lines. When their father is accidently killed, however, the oldest sister, Gwen, reasons that she's cursed. Death seems to haunt her every step. As the sisters work to maintain the roadhouse, an unexpected visitor arrives, sending Gwen into turmoil. Is he whom he claims to be? And can she dare to hope that love might again be hers?


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368 p.; 8.25 inches


0764201484 / 9780764201486

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LibraryThing member cherryblossommj
Absolutely the very best that I have read from Tracie Peterson so far. "A Promise to Believe In" is creative, moving, funny, adventurous, and endearing. I just loved it. It had all of the elements that I have come to love of historical novels from Tracie Peterson.

In many historicals, a reader can
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find a novel telling the story of three characters, in this case sisters, and then the next two books in the trilogy will continue the story of a different character. This is the first book that I have read that I knew was more about one sister than the others, but it did not feel that way. I got some insight and background on each sister and was feeling for them and loving them all from the beginning in different ways, yet not more than the other. It makes me even more excited for the continuing books that I would have been otherwise.

Gwen Gallatin learns or at least God attempts to put her in positions to learn of his love and grace and this book is a fabulous tool to learn some pure motives to check your own thoughts and opinions of yourself and those around you.

An absolutely pleasure filled read full of the glory and grace of God in the characters and their actions. I can definitely see a continuing story building of how good will triumph in the name of God. Keep the books coming Tracie, I want more!!
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LibraryThing member mrsjason
Every time Tracie Peterson announces she has a new book coming out, I immediately go and put it on my wish list. She is one of those authors whom I have read every book and is pretty much a standard in Christian fiction. Everything I always like about Tracie's books is included in this one as well.
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From the detailed historical research to wonderful character development to that comfort feeling you get while reading her books, it's all here. The sisters run a boarding house/restaurant/coach stop that is very similar to the Fred Harvey system used out west. It's a very well run operation and the women are highly respected in town which is unusual for the time period. I liked all three sisters and found them very similar to the way my own family acts. I found the laudanum scene very funny although I can't believe that it didn't enter any one's head that it might have been dangerous! The situation between Harvey and Gwen's late husband was really interesting and I kept going back on forth on whether I believed him or not. Although I felt that a lot of that drama could have been avoided if he had just told her that one thing she had been looking for.

My only qualm with this book was that the storyline seemed a little slow at times. It wasn't that it was boring. I just felt that certain scenes tended to drag at times, and there was a lot of dialogue that could have been taken out. Also Hank and Gwen, while they had good chemistry, just seemed to magically fall in together. It was like banter one minute, lovey-dovey the next. I would have liked some more development than the cliched falling in love with a stranger story. Overall though, I greatly enjoyed this book and I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the other Gallatin sisters' adventures. It's a fun read that will take you back to the romantic West.
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LibraryThing member justablondemoment
Wonderful story of 3 sisters, who have already lost their mother at a young age, find themselves suddenly orphaned when their Pa is gunned down in an accidental shooting. This is a story written in full christian faith but not overwhelmingly so. It almost made my 5 star list but just a few things
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At times I felt that the story was being dragged down by saying the same things over just in a different way. Mostly this was in the character dialouge dealing with religion and although it didn't turn me off...I just feel this author has a gift in saying it the 1st time so well it could be left at that. The other thing that got me kinda put off was with Gwen and her feelings of being cursed it was a bit to much repetion for me. The first few times it was in the story it was acceptable as it made since with the way the story was going but after that it just got on my nerves and I kept thinking.. shes acting like a child enough is enough.

Even with a few nit picky things there is NO denying this author has a talent in getting into your heart with her stories. I look forward to her next one.
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LibraryThing member judyg54
This is book one in the "Brides of Gallatin County" series and we are off to a great beginning. Tracie Peterson has always been an author I have enjoyed reading. Her characters are people you can relate to, who struggle through hardships and sorrows, but endure through it and come out stronger. The
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cover on these stories are also what drew me in - well done!

The three Gallatin sisters find their father accidentally shot and killed in a remote Montana town. They own and run the roadhouse at the crossroads of two stage lines. The oldest girl, Gwen, thinks she is "cursed" because death seems to follow her wherever she goes. Her husband died on her wedding day several years ago. Now her late husband's brother, Hank Bishop appears on the scene in search of his brother and the "stock certificates" he stole when he left home. Gwen finds out her husband lied to her about who he was, so she feels she can't trust Hank now either when his feelings are declared.

The three sisters in the story have very different personalities and I enjoyed each of them equally. They have a strong bond as sisters and some of their antics were hilarious when Hank first comes to town. Each of these girls have things in their past that they are dealing with; having a mother who died and a father who moved them around alot. It was interesting to see how each one was affected by the life they grew up with. The neighbor lady who helps them through their struggles had alot of wisdom and good advice and I appreciated how she helped them and how she kept them focused from a biblical standpoint. This was just an all-around good story with alot going on, which kept the story moving. I look forward to reading the next two stories in this series.
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