Flight Risk

by Cara C. Putman

Paperback, 2020



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Thomas Nelson (2020), 336 pages


Fiction. Romance. Suspense. Christian Fiction. HTML: Bestselling author Cara Putman returns with a romantic legal thriller that will challenge the assumptions of truth tellers everywhere. Savannah Daniels has worked hard to build her law practice, to surround herself with good friends, and to be the loyal aunt her troubled niece can always count on. But since her ex-husband's betrayal, she has trouble trusting anyone. Jett Glover's father committed suicide over a false newspaper report that ruined his reputation. Now a fierce champion of truth, Jett is writing the story of his journalism career�??an international sex-trafficking exposé that will bring down a celebrity baseball player and the men closest to him, including Savannah's ex-husband. When Jett's story breaks, tragedy ensues. Then a commercial airline crashes, and one of Savannah's clients is implicated in the crash. Men connected to the scandal, including her ex, begin to die amid mysterious circumstances, and Savannah's niece becomes an unwitting target. Against their better instincts, Jett and Savannah join ranks to sort the facts from fiction. But can Savannah trust the reporter who threw her life into chaos? And can Jett face the possibility that he's made the biggest mistake of his life?… (more)


Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense (Finalist - Published Division — 2021)


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336 p.; 8.4 inches


078523327X / 9780785233275

User reviews

LibraryThing member Eamace
What is truth? The tension never quits in another fabulous legal thriller penned by this author. Two story lines intertwine in this page-turning suspense. Jett Glover, reporter, prides himself in reporting only the truth. He spends many long hours researching each story making sure his information
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is correct and true. How then can he accept that his article may have ramifications that are totally unexpected? Savannah Daniels is a very good lawyer currently with a patent infringement suit that seems to morph into something much bigger with each new day. If they work together will they solve both of these mysteries?

Between intrigue, mystery, human trafficking and unexpected danger you will not put this down until you figure out who or what is behind this all. The author does a fine job of keeping the reader in the dark - I will admit it took some time before I thought I knew who was behind it all. I highly recommend this book! What a fabulous way to spend a day.

I received an ARC through Thomas Nelson, HarperCollins Christian Publishing, NetGalley and CelebrateLit. The impressions and comments are my own and were in no way solicited.
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LibraryThing member Harley0326
What I like most about this author is her ability to write books that are multilayered with intrigue, incredible characters and fast action. It is nice to read a story where you are kept guessing to the end. The author is good at developing the story with danger that starts slow and increases as
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the pages turn. There is nothing simple about this story.
Savannah is a very smart lawyer who has her hands full with a sister who is usually unstable and a niece that needs her help. Her ex-husband is mixed up in something that is unthinkable. When Jett was introduced I wasn’t quite sure I liked him. As a news reporter he is certainly a go getter. His thirst to get a big story may cost him his life. He soon redeems himself in my eyes when he is determined to find the truth.
The story deals will a plane crash that has ties to Savannah’s ex-husband and her clients. I loved the technology in the book and it is obvious that the author did her research for this book. I don’t want to forget the other mystery in the book. Savannah has clients that are trying to sort out a patent infringement which ties to a plane crash which ties to well you will have to read the book to find out.
Savannah and Jett work together to unravel the mystery while developing a friendship. Will their friendship lead to something more? Can Savannah tear down her walls and start to trust again? What does a plane crash, a new technology and Savannah's ex-husband have in common? What is in Thailand that would cause people to risk their lives for? The author connects the dots with twists that make this story one of her best to date. Get ready for an adventure that digs into the underbelly of human trafficking, secrets, the FBI and stolen technology.

The truth shall set you free.
I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.
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LibraryThing member alekee
You begin to see that history for Jett’s family is repeating itself, and because of his article things start to go horribly wrong, but why?
The author gives us two very strong characters here, one a lawyer, Savannah Daniels, and the other a star reporter Jett Glover, and how they are thrown
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You won’t see a lot of what happens coming, your kept on the edge of your seat, and yes, there is a lot of action here. We have sadly murders, and plane crashes, along with human trafficking, and more!
I love this author’s reads, always know I’m in for a great story, and this one doesn’t disappoint!

I received this book through Celebrate Lit, and was not required to give a positive review
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LibraryThing member Anne_Rightler
Flight Risk by Cara Putman is a great legal thriller...suspense, murder, mystery, and a bit of romance, a reader who loves legal thrillers couldn't ask for more. The characters are strong, realistic, and relatable. I loved Savannah's relationship with her niece. Lots of action keeps the pages
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turning. Contemporary issues of human-trafficking and alcoholism are addressed with finesse. I really enjoyed the book and am hoping this might be the start of a series. Siiri Scott did a great job with narration, which made for an enjoyable listening experience. I listened to a library copy of the audiobook and was not required to write a review.
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LibraryThing member fcplcataloger
I found this book hard to put down and it has a hero and heroine that all of us would like to know. I admit that Jett Glover is a little obnoxious at the beginning but being a promising journalist is probably the reason and it doesn't take long to determine that he is a good, moral man. Savannah
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Daniels is an outstanding lawyer devoted to helping her niece and she made me want to be her friend. It is when they become involved in the same case that a romantic involvement seems possible if they both can survive the intrigue and danger.

"She needed to walk away, yet she wanted to walk closer. Was she playing with fire? Probably, but she wanted to take the risk. For the first time in years, she felt the tug to see what the man was really made of."

Yes, there is romance but Flight Risk is basically a thrilling, fast-paced suspense story that left me wondering just what Savannah and Jett would discover as they join forces to uncover the truth about Savannah's ex-husband. I must admit that it certainly wasn't what I thought when I began this story!

If you enjoy romantic suspense, you will definitely want to read Flight Risk. Cara Putman left me longing for another story that will perhaps offer more of Savannah and Jett's story.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. There was no obligation to write a favorable review and I am voluntarily sharing my own thoughts.
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LibraryThing member Virginia51
As always Cara Putman gives us a great read. I loved the suspense throughout this book. The characters don’t let you down. The characters learn a lot of lessons and trouble seems to follow them. I did not want to put this book down. Savannah and Jett fairly quickly learn that they need each other
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to help solve the cases that they are both looking into. I was on the e die of my seat at times needing to know what was coming next. I received a copy of this book from Celebratelit for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will.
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LibraryThing member vintagebeckie
Cara Putman has sealed it for me. After reading Flight Risk, she is a must-read author. I have enjoyed other books by this talented romantic suspense writer, but her latest offering was unputdownable! If you are looking for a book that will keep you furiously turning pages to find out how it’s
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all going to end, then you need to get your hands on this one right now!

Flight Risk has the same setting as Putman’s Hidden Justice series. In fact, you will find familiar characters from those three books as you revisit the Arlington/Alexandria, VA area. I liked that Putman included those characters I had come to know and love. Flight Risk features attorney Savannah Daniels and journalist Jett Glover. Their instant attraction let this reader know that romance would follow. But theirs is not an easy relationship, and I loved the balance that the author created. In the midst of the suspense that includes plane crashes, hit-and-run accidents, and murder, the two main characters are cautious in their interactions. This seemed much more natural than if the two spent pages and pages gazing into each other’s eyes while the world crashed around them. 😉 As Savannah and Jett work through seemingly unrelated events, the bad guy is slowly revealed to the reader. I loved this too. And while I knew by the last quarter of the book who he was, there were still plenty of twists that kept me guessing at what was to come. Truth is a hard commodity to find, and the characters and the reader are left with a lot to ponder.

I really, really liked Flight Risk. It is one of the best romantic suspense novels I have read this year. And although it is a standalone, if you haven’t yet read Putman’s Hidden Justice series, it will make you seek them out. Binge-reading anyone?

Highly Recommended.

Audience: Adults.

(Thanks to Celebrate Lit for a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)
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LibraryThing member hes7
Enjoy a wild ride in Cara Putman’s newest legal thriller, Flight Risk!

Attorney Savannah Daniels has a lot on her plate, managing her own law firm, a particularly challenging lawsuit, and the safety of her beloved niece. Journalist Jett Glover only complicates matters when he publishes a story
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portraying her ex-husband (also, her niece’s father) in a scandalous light. As a plane crash, a car accident, and several mysterious deaths add to the chaos surrounding them, they must work to see behind the facade and find the truth they so desperately need.

Flight Risk seems a little chaotic and over the top, at times, working to tie multiple story threads together. Still, it proves to be an engaging story from beginning to end. I enjoyed getting to know both Savannah and Jett. Their relationship is a bit rushed, but oh so sweet and makes a lot of sense, and their perspectives through everything show growth, hope, and understanding.

All in all, a solid legal thriller from Putman.

(FYI: I did borrow the audiobook through hoopla. The narrator performs the voices in a way that makes it difficult to distinguish Savannah from male characters. Frequently, I found myself a little confused about who-said-what in moments of dialogue.)

I received a complimentary copy of this book and the opportunity to provide an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review, and all the opinions I have expressed are my own.
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LibraryThing member celticlady53
Flight Risk by Cara Putman is a romantic legal thriller that features Savannah Daniels, a lawyer, a sister, an ex-wife, and an aunt to Addy. One of her clients, Mnemosyne plans to launch an alternative to the black box on airplanes. There has been an accident, a plane has crashed with her
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ex-husband, Dustin Tate, and his friend, Logan Donnely, a celebrated baseball player is killed in the crash.

Jett Glover, a reporter, is investigating these two men for trafficking young girls. There were three men who took slights back and forth to Asia. Soon they are all dead. Jett gets close to Savannah and they team up to investigate what really happened to these three men and how did the plane crash and why?

It appears that the trial black box replacement somehow got on the plane and caused the crash. Who put it there and why? Now can Savannah trust Jett? How can she protect her niece, Addy, and sister, Stasi from the killer? As the story goes on, the reader gets to know the characters and the plot.

I liked this story, it kept my interest and it moved smoothly to the end of the book. Well written with twists and turns to keep the reader interested. The author uses her legal background to flesh out a believable story.
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LibraryThing member TCJRogers
Flight Risk is about Savannah Daniels, a tough attorney who has too much on her plate — a law practice, a drug-addicted sister who takes advantage of her at every opportunity, and a teenage niece in need of a loving and responsible care giver. When Savannah is questioned by reporter Jett Glover
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about illicit activities of her ex-husband, Savannah is unconcerned. The marriage has been over for 15 years, so it’s not her business. But when the story breaks, and then a plane crashes, and then there are other mysterious deaths, all of which involve people mentioned in the article, Savannah and Jett both wonder if there was more to the story than anyone knew — and if they can piece together the truth before the killer finishes the job.

I found Flight Risk to be full of action, emotion, and excitement. Savannah was likable, and I could empathize with her as she struggled to maintain relationships under difficult circumstances. I also enjoyed Jett’s character as he is emotionally open and honest and protective. The story moved at good pace and kept me interested. Overall, I really enjoyed Flight Risk and look forward to checking out more books by Cara Putman.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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LibraryThing member Melissa_O
Flight Risk was the first book I have ever read by Cara Putman and my first legal thriller. The pace of the story definitely kept my interest and I wanted to get to the end to finally have answers to my questions.

The story was filled with characters you love and characters you really aren't fond
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of, but all the characters had a lot of depth to them. There are so many complex issues addressed in this book...loss, grief, addiction, reliability of news, human trafficking just to name a few.

After reading this, I discovered that some of these characters are originally in her Hidden Justice series so I definitely need to add those to my TBR.
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