Her Mother's Hope (Marta's Legacy)

by Francine Rivers

Hardcover, 2010



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Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. (2010), Edition: 1st Edition, 1st Printing, 512 pages

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Fiction. Literature. HTML:Book one in the bestselling series that has captivated millions of readers around the world! A New York Times, USA Today, and Publisher's Weekly bestseller. "Her Mother's Hope has all the meaty elements of a blockbuster." �??Denver Post The first in a two-book family saga by the beloved author of Redeeming Love and The Masterpiece, Her Mother's Hope is a rich, moving epic about faith and dreams, heartache and disappointment, and the legacy of love passed down through four generations in one family. Near the turn of the twentieth century, fiery Marta Schneider leaves Switzerland for a better life, determined to fulfill her mother's hope. Her formative journey takes her through Europe and eventually to Canada, where she meets handsome Niclas Waltert. But nothing has prepared her for the sacrifices she must make for marriage and motherhood as she travels to the Canadian wilderness and then to the dusty Central Valley of California to raise her family. Marta's hope is to give her children a better life, but experience has taught her that only the strong survive. Her tough love is often misunderstood, especially by her oldest daughter, Hildemara Rose, who craves her mother's acceptance. Amid the drama of World War II, Hildie falls in love and begins a family of her own. But unexpected and tragic events force mother and daughter to face their own shortcomings and the ever-widening chasm that threatens to separate them forever. "Emotionally rich. . . . As her compelling characters seek to do what they feel their faith demands, Rivers sets their resonant struggles against dusty streets, windswept Canadian plains, and California vineyards in vivid scenes readers will not soon forget." �??Booklist, starred review "Writers like Rivers are why people buy Christian fiction: it's dramatic, engaging . . . [and] this well-told tale will have readers eagerly awaiting the story's resolution." �??Publishers We… (more)


INSPY (Shortlist — Historical Fiction — 2010)


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LibraryThing member bell7
At age twelve, Marta knows what she wants out of life - she wants to continue learning, leave her family home behind, and own her own boarding house or hotel. Her abusive father takes her out of school and makes her work for families in their hometown of Steffisburg, Switzerland, but Marta makes
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the most of all she learns so that she can attain her dream. Family ties back home threaten to break her, however, for her sick mother and her gentle sister Elise stay behind. Her mother encourages her to fly, and Marta determines to do so regardless of her father's plans for her.

Covering about 50 years from 1901 to 1951, this is the story of Marta and her oldest daughter, Hildemara, and how their relationship is shaped by Marta's past. The two of them have very different temperaments, and their points of view dominate the story, but I connected and sympathized with both women. Unfortunately, none of the other characters are as fleshed out as Marta or Hildie. Time moves by fast, too, so that I was left wanting more information, though the story covers nearly 500 pages. Maybe I'm just not cut out for family sagas - I wanted Marta to have a story of her own, with more details instead of the broad brush strokes required to cover so much time in a short space.
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LibraryThing member cherryblossommj
As a fan of author Francine Rivers best selling novel Redeeming Love I was excited to learn that she was coming out with a new long book. I mean five hundred pages long. It is not often that you can find good epic novels these days and I was eager for this first book in a two book series. In
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reading Her Mother's Hope I was not disappointed. Very thought provoking it makes me consider my own actions in raising my daughter as well as to look back on experiences of my own childhood and memories of my mother while I was younger. Mis-communication is a powerful thing that often does not get resolved and on the off chance that things can be put to right opportunities are invaluable.

The note from the author at the end of this book tells you that this book was a journey of her own in an attempt to understand a misunderstanding between her mother and grandmother. It is fascinating to see history intertwined into the pages of fiction and bring the characters to life. Even though this is her family story brought to view, it is easy to see bits and pieces of other lives in the characters. I find this book to be very educational and eye opening. You never seem to realize how when you try so hard to do one thing you might be accomplishing another.

Full of emotions all over the spectrum Her Mother's Hope is a book that you will want to make time for as it will be hard to put down. I recommend the story, I look forward to sharing it with my mother and I am eager for the second book in the two-book series "Her Daughter's Dream".
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LibraryThing member seoulregina
Romans 8.28 in all things God works for good with those who love him
LibraryThing member jovilla
The book starts with the story of Marta, a determined and capable young woman, growing up in Switzerland in the late 1800's. Marta has an abusive father and meek submissive mother, and knows she is destined for a better life. Forced to quit school and begin working, she is a quick learner and
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accumulates some skills which serve her well in her life. Eventually she moves to England, then to Canada, and finally to California with her husband Niclas. This book is very well written and enjoyable.
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LibraryThing member Liciasings
Insightful, interesting family epic. This is the first piece of work I've ever read by Francine Rivers, and I can't wait to read more. She has a gift for understanding people, bringing characters to life, making their hurt and struggles and victories believable, and so close to home. Maybe it was
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good timing in my own life to read this book, but in so many ways, it inspired and spoke to me. What a storyteller. I have to read the sequel!
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LibraryThing member nyiper
I was not familiar with this author and picked up the CD. It is great for story value and moves right along. When we get to the Marta "being-a-mother" part to her oldest daughter, it's almost hard to believe how hard she is, even as she explains it all away in her letters to Rosie. The extent of
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praying was a little much to take but I understand that this is the author's area. I have the next CD in my hands and have listened to the first track---thank goodness!!! The story continues! I didn't want to be "left" at the end of Her Mother's Hope with a question mark. I hope to find out what happens NEXT!
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LibraryThing member EnglishGeek13
My sister let me borrow her copy as she knows I enjoy works by this author. While not as engaging as many of her other books, I found this to be one of the most painfully realistic. At many points I wanted to put it down because the humanity was so real in regards to our tendency to thoughtlessly
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harm those around us, many times with good intentions. I would like to read the next book to see what will happen in the relationship between mother and daughter.
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LibraryThing member theadawn
This was a very good book and very interesting to see how the main character grew into who she became and how her daughter was influenced by her mother's past. If there was one thing that I could change in this book, personally, is that there would be more honesty in the marriages within the book.
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I felt as if the marriages were all examples of dishonest marriages or a very destructive marriage. It would've been nice if one marriage had a more successful side. I am aware that marriage has its struggles, but that doesn't make them all dishonest which was what I felt was in this book. Other than that aspect, I did enjoy the book and it was definitely a page turner.
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LibraryThing member libraryladebp
Another great book by Francine Rivers
LibraryThing member ReviewsbyMolly
Do you ever have that feeling that no matter what you do, your dreams and hopes will never come true? That you will always be a disappointment to the people who should be cherishing you the most no matter what? Well, that is exactly what happened to Marta, the young girl in this novel. My heart was
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immediately captured from the beginning, when she, just a girl of 12 years old, went through so much struggle, pain and heartache. I was hooked through the whole book, seeing Marta become a woman and then, later, a mother. It was truly powerful. The Swiss dialect was an added bonus!

Though this book is written to be a fictional one, there is fact woven through the story, based on Francine's history. I think that just adds the soul-capturing realness of the book. It was as if I was flown back in time to Marta's life and feeling the things that she felt. All because of the amazing work of Francine Rivers. I was not fortunate enough to have read any of Francine's other books, like Redeeming Love, but, oh how I wish I had read her other works too! If they are as amazing and heart-felt as this captivating story then I want to go back and read ALL of her works!

The story has history,family, love, fight, forgiveness, broken trust, new trust and most importantly, the work of God. A wonderful, powerful, riveting combination. I am struggling right now with the fact that the book actually ended, and now I have to WAIT for book, Her Daughter's Dream. I know that book 2 will be as fascinating as book 1.

If you are looking for a book that will capture you heart and soul and mind, then I HIGHLY suggest you read this amazing book. I am rating it with the highest of 5 stars possible (though I truly wish at a time like this that it could be the highest of 500 stars!) and wonderful praises to the author for such a soul capturing story! Well done!
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LibraryThing member peggygillman
Pretty good chic lit. Marta is unflinchingly hard on one of her daughters because she’s afraid she will turn into her sister who couldn’t stand up for herself, got raped, got pregnant and then killed herself. 9/9
LibraryThing member Jilly66
Shows the struggle that sometimes happens between mothers and daughters.
The ending really leaves you wanting to read the next book.
LibraryThing member debs4jc
Powerful, thought-provoking, and emotionally engaging--this story takes the reader from Switzerland to France, England, Canada, and finally the United states as it follows Marta on her life's journey. Marta grows up longing to escape the control of her domineering father who seems to value her only
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for her ability to work. Trained as a domestic servant, she longs to open her own hotel, boarding house, or restaurant someday and--once she is encouraged by her mother to flee the family--she begins to collect recipes and experience as she works her way through France, England, and Canada. There she marries and must learn to adapt her independent nature to married life. Eventually the family moves to the United States. The second part of the book shifts to the point of view of Marta's daughter Hildemara. Hilde is pushed by her mother to overcome her timid nature--and while Marta has good reasons, HIlde does not know why her mother seems to treat her different than her brothers and sisters. Hilde becomes strong in her own right, and as the story unfolds the tensions of the mother/daughter dynamic are just as dramatic as the events of World War II cause great changes to come to this family.
I found myself mulling over the events of this book and the dilemmas and choices that the characters faced over and over again as I was reading it. First of all, it was a treat to travel across Europe and the Atlantic--on a steam ship just after the Titanic sinks--and see many historical events and details through the eyes of these characters. But it was the depth of character that Marta displays that really drove the story, as she thoughtfully weighs each challenge she faces against her own ambitions and the guidance she finds in the words of her mother who believed in her, and the faith she has in God. I especially found the depiction of her struggles to adapt to married life powerful and revealing, not at all like the fluff of a romance novel, but true to the daily compromises couples have to make to keep love alive and growing. Hildemara's story is a bit less powerful, but full of details about how she trains to become a nurse and finds a love of her own--as well as how she grows as a person and also uses her faith to guide her. I feel that my review cannot give this book justice, and I highly recommend it to readers of historical, thought-provoking fiction. And be sure to check out the sequel--Her Daughter's Dream as well.
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LibraryThing member lifespringworc
Marta Schneider, hoping to prove her father wrong in his prediction that she will never be more than a servant, leaves her home in Switzerland to pursue her dream of owning an inn, but she must make many sacrifices when she marries Niclas Waltert in Canada and begins her own family, and in her
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efforts to make her children strong, finds herself behaving more like her abusive father than her loving mother, especially with her daughter, Hildemara Rose.
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LibraryThing member olegalCA
Excellent book - I haven't enjoyed a good Francine Rivers book for a long, long time (since I wasn't into her past series). Bad cliff-hanger but if next book is released in the fall as stated in this book, I'll forgive. Really delves into the complicated relationships of family, especially
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mother-daughter, and shows how even the most damaged of relationships can be redeemed.
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LibraryThing member HeatherLINC
I was really looking forward to "Her Mother's Hope" as it's been a long time since Rivers has had a new book out and I have read all her others. Unfortunately I was rather disappointed with it - it was a nice story with interesting characters, but it lacked the grittiness and power that is usually
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found in books by this author. Having said that, I still intend to read the second book in the series.
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LibraryThing member msh09
Wow! Francine Rivers nailed it again. If you have never read her work, start now. Rivers is a master storyteller. It is difficult to put the book down. This book follows strong-willed Marta through her difficult childhood in Switzerland, through her hard work in Europe, then to Canada, and finally
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to the Central Valley of California. She raises her family in California. The story changes to the viewpoint of her eldest daughter, Hildie. Hildie struggles in childhood and blossoms in adulthood as she becomes a nurse and ventures out on her own. The reader follows the relationship of mother and daughter through several generations and those relationships continue in the second book. I can't wait to read Book 2!
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LibraryThing member EstherFilbrun
I didn’t know what to expect when I picked up this book. Some of Rivers’ books have been top-notch, while I struggled with others. She’s a talented author; the way she describes her characters and setting and creates her plots are all intriguing and engrossing. When I picked this book up, I
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wondered how long it would take me to get through it—it’s a chunker, coming in right around 500 pages! In the end, it only took me four days to read it, even though it came at a fairly hectic time. This was a gripping story.

There was a lot to enjoy in this story. I was able to relate to both Marta and Hildemara, and loved following along their life journeys. This could easily have been a fairly boring read: “They did this, then they did that…” but it wasn’t, and I’m so glad! I felt like I was there with the characters, and that was great!

I did struggle with some elements of the story. I felt like intimacy in marriage was mentioned way more often than necessary, and while it was generally only vaguely referred to, it was still more than I’m comfortable with. I was also hoping this would have a stronger Christian theme than it had, in the end—neither character seemed to have a living relationship with Jesus, until maybe in the last few chapters.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. It deals with some very difficult themes, but it’s a well-written, gripping novel, and I’m looking forward to reading the sequel eventually.
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