Greater Love (Tides of Truth, Book 3)

by Robert Whitlow

Paperback, 2010



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Thomas Nelson Inc (2010), 390 pages


The Tides of Truth series follows one lawyer's passionate pursuit of truth--in matters of life and the law. As the storm clouds gather, Tami does her best to weather the growing turbulence in every area of her life. She's just accepted a job with a law firm but now wonders if she made the right decision. She has two strong men vying for her heart--and is about to lose them both if she can't determine which one is right for her. And Tami's new case is anything but simple. When she first meets her prospective client, she immediately knows the rough young teen is lying, guilty...and utterly terrified of something beyond the charges she's facing. What she doesn't realize is just how far reaching the effects of the case will go. Or how close to home the deadly results will hit. For by the time the storm breaks, someone close to Tami will have paid the ultimate price. Through it all, Tami will experience greater sacrifice, greater friendship, and greater love than she's ever known.… (more)


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LibraryThing member love2readnovels
Tami Lynn is about to take the Bar Exam and has some really big decisions to make. She has to decide where she will begin her practice of law. There is two offers on the table. One in a firm that Tami worked at last summer and one just getting established with women she's acquainted with. She will
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also have to decide who will win her heart. Will it be Zach or Vinny? You also meet a young girl name Jessie who is on the run and very soon the paths of Tami and Jessie will intersect. The case is a lot more than what's on the surface and will ultimately cost the life of someone close to Tami.

I liked many aspects of the story. Tami was a sweet, innocent girl who really wanted to do God's will for her life. She was respectful to her parents and those in authority over her. I liked the whole idea of a love triangle between Zach, Tami and Vinny. I also liked Mr. Callahan and thought he gave wise council to Tami. The story did have some suspense and I have to say I really wasn't sure who Tami would choose as her life's mate until near the end.

Now for the things I think just didn't fit. Sister Dabney was a character I did not like. I don't agree that women preachers/prophetesses is Biblically correct. But the part that I really felt was incongruent was the fact that an ultra-conservative girl like Tami, who even out of college is still submissive to her parents, goes to Sister Dabney's church and even follows her "prophet type" advice. It just wasn't realistic to me. I liked Zach and Vinny but never really felt the struggle between them having to do with Tami. They felt like shallow characters to me. I'm being honest when I say that I struggled through this book because of those items but was committed to finish it. I know his books have gotten some good reviews but the story just didn't work for this reader. Thank you Thomas Nelson (Booksneeze) for providing this complimentary review copy.
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LibraryThing member bigorangemichael
Robert Whitlow's "Tides of Truth" series comes to a satisfying conclusions with "Greater Love."

The last in the series left Tami Taylor with some decisions to make about her future--both in the professional and personal arenas. "Greater Love" opens in Tami still struggling to find the answers and
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looking for wisdom and guidance not only from her friends and family but also from God. Readers of this series will recall that Tami was raised in a very conservative Christian denomination and throughout her life has looked to Bible and God for guidance in making decisions and how she relates to the world. That hasn't changed with "Greater Love" and, in fact, becomes even more relevant to the on-going struggles Tami faces as the novel unfolds.

I've been a fan of Robert Whitlow since I discovered his books on the library shelf years ago and have eagerly awaited each new installment. Watching him grow as a writer has been a pleasure and "Greater Love" continues to show that growth. Whitlow's greatest strength is his creation of real, compelling and authentic characters and situations. This extends beyond his central cast of Tami and her two suitors to everyone that Tami comes into contact with.

But the story of "Greater Love" isn't just about Tami's personal journey, though that may be of the greatest interest to a majority of readers. It's also about the redemptive power of love and putting others before yourself and loving them as God intends. Whitlow shows us this in the story of Jessie, a teenage run away who is arrested for stealing a bag of doughnuts from a local bakery. Tami is assigned her defense and must try to uncover the truth behind the girl's lies and fears. While the legal aspect of the story isn't quite as solid as that displayed in previous Whitlow legal-driven thrillers like "The List," the storyline effortlessly integrates with the personal and spiritual struggles Tami faces.

In the end, "Greater Love" is a satisfying conclusion to the "Tides of Truth" trilogy. As a character, I'd enjoy seeing more from Tami Taylor, but for now this part of her story is complete. And now I'm left waiting another year for whatever Whitlow has in mind next for his readers. Whatever it is, I'm sure it will be worth the wait.
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LibraryThing member rdgslp
I completed this book a few days ago and was sad to see the series end. I enjoyed all three books in the series and enjoyed the deeply religious nature of the characters. Especially in the characters of Tammy, her parents, and Sister Dabney, the reader could see relationships with God that went
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beyond the ordinary. This type of very close relationship with God is unique even in Christian Fiction and I have not read any others to compare to these.
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