The Wonder of Your Love (Land of Canaan)

by Beth Wiseman

Paperback, 2011



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Thomas Nelson Inc (2011), Edition: Original, 294 pages


Fiction. Literature. Christian Fiction. HTML: Settling in to her new life in Canaan, Colorado, Katie Ann Stoltzfus gives birth to a beautiful baby boy. This child comes to her late in life following the death of her estranged husband. She resolves to play the role of both father and mother to the child. Ivan was her one true love and despite his infidelities, she mourns his loss and vows never to trust another man. But when a meddling´┐Żbut good hearted´┐ŻEnglisch woman plays matchmaker for Katie Ann and Eli Detweiler who just arrived in Canaan, they both need to restructure their expectations of the future and step onto the new path God is paving for them..


Audie Award (Finalist — 2012)


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LibraryThing member tiinaj1
I gotta admit I hesitated to do an Amish book just because there just seems to be so many of them and I wasn't sure if there could be another take on the Amish theme but Beth Wiseman has definitely taken another spin with the Amish genre and succeeded.

The Wonder of Your Love is very well written
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and this time it's a book in another generation (not the teens or 20's). The characters are in the 40's (gasp), well rounded, mature adults who know who they are and what they believe (or think they do). It was nice to read a book about characters my own age who have many of the same thoughts and moral values that I do.

I was a little surprised to find a story of infidelity (on the part of Katie's deceased spouse) and the mention of one of the main characters becoming a believer in one of the other books. I've never read anything by Beth Wiseman and didn't really expect there to be a message about salvation and belief in Christ in an Amish book (that gives you an idea why I steer clear from Amish fiction as my Christian faith isn't 'rule based' but based on Christ being our 'high priest' not a bishop or priest who dictates behavior and consequences).

The theme of infidelity, childlessness and repentance is very well handled throughout the book and I liked the way the book ended - without jumping straight to the marriage alter. The characters are normal (read not wimpy), flawed and yet gracious and caring. I will definitely be back for another one or 10 of Beth Wiseman's books
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LibraryThing member wearylibrarian
This is a wonderful book that I could not put down. Katie Ann has been hurt twice by Ivan. First when he left her for Lucy, an Englischer, and again when he died in an automobile accident. Now Katie Ann has met Eli, who lost his wife 17 years ago. Now Katie has received a letter from Lucy telling
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her that they must meet in person to discuss a mystery that Ivan left behind. When he died Lucy found a photo of a house and a key. She has no idea where the house is but assumes that Ivan wanted to surprise her with the home. When Lucy arrives, Katie Ann discovers that Lucy is pregnant with Ivan's child.
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LibraryThing member l_manning
Katie Ann is in an interesting place in her life. She was recently widowed and has a young child. Eli is in the exact opposite place. Having lost his wife years before in childbirth, he has successfully raised 6 children and is now ready to enjoy a retirement of sorts. When Katie Ann and Eli meet
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at a wedding sparks fly-but not the good kind. They slowly develop into friends. Even if their lives are not converging, they begin to feel an attraction to each other. The two of them must figure out what they truly want in life and decide whether that life is together.

I've never read any Amish fiction before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. It was a rather interesting book. There a lot more twists and turns in the plot than I expected. Katie Ann and Eli both had very different but equally interesting back stories. I found Katie Ann's struggle with forgiveness to be particularly interesting. She seemed very real and human. As a mother, I also understood her anxiety involving her son. I can't even say how many times a night I would check on my young son. I still sometimes wake up and watch him breathe. These things really let me relate to Katie Ann on a level I didn't expect.

Eli was a very steady man. I liked that he addressed the somewhat selfish seeming nature of his desire to enjoy his new child-less life. He was also very kind and patient. I also greatly enjoyed Martha. In some ways I felt she was a voice for the reader encouraging Katie Ann and Eli along the path to romance. While the book is sweet, it is never too much. There are plenty of conflicts and intrigue within the plot to keep things building to the end. This book managed to hold my interest throughout, and I will be sure to give Amish fiction a chance in the future.

Book provided for review.
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LibraryThing member jnut1
This was the second book in the Land of Canaan Series. This is Katie Ann's story. Her husband left her in book 1 and also died. She has been raising her son alone with the help of family and a close friend.

She meets a relative of friends and they develop a wonderful friendship. Both want it to be
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more but are afraid. They are at different places in their lives, they live far away from each other, etc.

Over all a book I enjoyed and look forward to the third installment.

I do think a few parts could of been written better.
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LibraryThing member judyg54
I have read a lot of books and series of books about the Amish, but this series is one of my favorites so far. The characters seem very real and believable and I also enjoy the humor that the author puts in the stories too.

Katie Ann (who you will have met in book one, and I highly recommend you
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read that book first) lives in the small Amish community of Canaan, Colorado. She is widowed and trying to raise her baby Jonas alone. She is also a little bitter because her husband left her for an English woman (in book one), before he even knew Katie Ann was pregnant. She is having a hard time coming to trust men or her Lord anymore.

Eli Detweiler has come to Canaan for a wedding and a long vacation. Having already raised 6 children following the death of his wife, Eli is finally an empty-nester and enjoying life with no one to care for but himself (or so he thinks). So Katie Ann and Eli decide to just be friends. Well, we all know where this is leading, but it sure was fun to tag along and see love blossom between these two. And you have to love feisty old Martha in this story. She just makes me laugh out loud. The love and care each of these families have for each other is very precious and the author does a great job of bringing this story to its conclusion. It even surprised me a bit. I am looking forward to the next book in this series.
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LibraryThing member Carolee888
I didn't realize that this book was a part of a series when I entered a contest a twelve years ago. I was very happy to read it because I love Amish fiction. Now I reading through my bookcases!

Katie Ann Stoltzfus lives in Canaan, Colorado with her baby Jonas. Her husband left her for a English
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woman before she could tell him that she was pregnant. Now she is forty with an infant and a good English friend, Martha, who helps with the baby but is a little set in her ways.

Eli Detweiler, came to Canaan for a family wedding and meets Katie Ann. His wife died with the birth of the last of the six children. Eli raised the children by himself and now that he had an empty nest, he planned to travel and enjoy his new found freedom.

Katie was still in mourning for her husband but was filled with anger at her husband's betrayal. Eli feels an instant admiration with Katie, he decides to request to be her friend because Katie is still in mourning.

How will this resolve? There are several secondary stories interwoven with main one and at times, it seems hopeless but Beth Wiseman carries us through the tale with much love and care. I definitely want to read more of her books.
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