To Find a Book

METHOD 1: Click on a Subject listed below the Search box, and then click on the desired book.

METHOD 2: Click on a Book Cover shown below the Search box.

METHOD 3: In the search box, type in author, title, or subject. Click on a book in the search results for more information.

To Check Out a Book

METHOD 1: Maple Grove members may click the “Check Out” button on the book description page. If prompted for a password, use mglibrary. A check-out confirmation email will be sent to you. Books checked out online can be picked up one week after your request from the book cart in the library.

Nonmembers may request a library account by clicking the "Questions/Requests" button on the book description page. If Maple Grove has your email, then you have a library account.

METHOD 2: Come to the library and check out your book manually. TIP: note the call number on the book description page.

QUESTIONS? Email [email protected]

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