The Space: A Guide For Educators

by Rebecca Louise Hare

Other authorsRobert Dillon (Author)
Paperback, 2016



EdTechTeam Press (2016), 128 pages


SPACE: Thoughts, Ideas, Hacks on Learning Space Design by Rebecca Louise Hare and Robert Dillon supports the conversation around this necessary revolution happening in education concerning reshaping school spaces to better support learning. This book goes well beyond the noise on learning space design that focuses on pretty Pinterest classrooms and moves towards a more sophisticated conversation about how learning spaces support and drive brain-friendly learning. SPACE is a beautifully designed book that respects that reading and learning can happen in a visually appealing way. Hare and Dillon walk educators through a series of questions and ideas on how learning spaces can support collaboration, creation, showcasing learning, and a learner's need for quiet. In addition to nudging thinking forward, SPACE provides practical design tips and uses images and testimonials for hacking learning spaces on a realistic budget. This book is designed to motivate, grow capacity, and energize educators to begin shifting their learning spaces to support modern learning for all students. … (more)


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128 p.; 8 inches


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