Genius LEGO Inventions with Bricks You Already Have: 40 New Robots, Vehicles, Contraptions, Gadgets, Games and Other Fun STEM Creations

by Sarah Dees

Paperback, 2018




Page Street Publishing (2018), 192 pages


"Use science and engineering to transform your bin of LEGOŽ bricks into amazing, movable toys, machines and gadgets. Bestselling author Sarah Dees is back with an all-new collection of projects featuring ingenious designs and simple scientific principles that real engineers use every day. Make yourself a robot pal whose legs move as he rolls along, or a drummer who really plays the drums. Build a wind-up car complete with a flywheel that'll send your minifigures zooming. Or challenge your friends to a game of pinball on a LEGOŽ pinball machine you built from scratch. Each project is cooler than the next! It's easy and fun to build each of these awesome contraptions and games by following the clear step-by-step instructions and photographs. Think you have a different way to build something? Exercise your inventing muscles and tinker away! You're in charge of your designs, so experiment and tweak to make your inventions personal to you. No matter what you end up creating, you'll learn exciting new things about science, impress your family and have a blast along the way."--Amazon.… (more)


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192 p.; 8.01 inches


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