The Creative Self: Effect of Beliefs, Self-Efficacy, Mindset, and Identity (Explorations in Creativity Research)

by Maciej Karwowski (Editor)

Paperback, 2017



Academic Press (2017), Edition: 1, 418 pages


The Creative Self reviews and summarizes key theories, studies, and new ideas about the role and significance self-beliefs play in one's creativity. It untangles the interrelated constructs of creative self-efficacy, creative metacognition, creative identity, and creative self-concept. It explores how and when creative self-beliefs are formed as well as how creative self-beliefs can be strengthened. Part I discusses how creativity plays a part in one's self-identity and its relationship with free will and efficacy. Part II discusses creativity present in day-to-day life across the lifespan. Part III highlights the intersection of the creative self with other variables such as mindset, domains, the brain, and individual differences. Part IV explores methodology and culture in relation to creativity. Part V, discusses additional constructs or theories that offer promise for future research on creativity… (more)


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