Flow, Spin, Grow: Looking for Patterns in Nature

by Barss

Hardcover, 2018



Owlkids (2018), 32 pages


"Flow, Spin, Grow encourages kids to observe and discover patterns in the natural world that reveal deep, unexpected connections. For example, look up, and you will see the branches of a tree. If you could see underground, you would also find its roots branching. And inside yourself, in your lungs and veins, there is also branching. And as water runs off from the mountains, into rivers, then streams, then creeks, that is also called branching. Why is that? It turns out that where there is flow, there is branching. There are other patterns around us all the time, such as spiraling and spinning, the way shapes stack, the way things crack. And if you look into any of these patterns, you will find a shared "logic" in the objects that express them. Flow, Spin, Grow speaks to our innate impulse to understand why things are the way they are. In addition to math and physics, patterns are inherently beautiful. This is reflected in illustrator Todd Stewart's multilayered screen prints that take us from the miniscule (a spinning maple key) to the majestic (a spinning universe)."--… (more)


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