Learning to Choose, Choosing to Learn: The Key to Student Motivation and Achievement

by Mike Anderson

Paperback, 2016



ASCD (2016), 160 pages


Offering students choices about their learning, says author Mike Anderson, is one of the most powerful ways teachers can boost student learning, motivation, and achievement. In his latest book, Anderson offers numerous examples of choice in action, ideas to try with different students, and a step-by-step process to help you plan and incorporate choice into your classroom. You'll explore: What effective student choice looks like in the classroom. Why it's important to offer students choices. How to create learning environments, set the right tone for learning, and teach specific skills that enable choice to work well. When students have more choices about their learning, they can find ways of learning that match their personal needs and be more engaged in their work, building skills and work habits that will serve them well in school and beyond. This teacher-friendly guide offers everything you need to help students who are bored, frustrated, or underperforming come alive to learning through the fundamental power of choice.… (more)


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160 p.; 9 inches


1416621830 / 9781416621836


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