AI for Educators: Learning Strategies, Teacher Efficiencies, and a Vision for an Artificial Intelligence Future

by Matt Miller

Paperback, 2023



Ditch That Textbook (2023), 132 pages


Artificial intelligence may change the world more than the iPhone, the internet, or even electricity. It's bound to change education. (It already has.) But how? AI for Educators is a readable, relatable book about the impact of AI on the classroom -- today and in the future. It's super practical, giving you ideas and strategies you can use in class right away: It translates AI through a teacher lens; It provides practical ideas you can use in class right away; It unlocks powerful ways to streamline teaching and save time. It also paints a picture of the future our students will face-and provides questions you can help them grapple with. Teachers will find hope in this book -- hope that AI isn't all about cheating, hope that AI can save them time and empower them to do more, hope that all is not lost. It's written by Matt Miller, author of six books including Ditch That Textbook. Tens of thousands of educators all over the world have followed his ideas, guidance and wisdom for more than 10 years in his email newsletter, books, social media, and more. His clear, compelling voice makes this a page turner that'll equip you, inspire you, and entertain you.… (more)


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132 p.; 9 inches


1956306471 / 9781956306477


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