The AI Infused Classroom

by Holly Clark

Paperback, 2023



Elevate Books Edu (2023), 128 pages


"With more than twenty-five years of experience as an educator and as one of the first teachers in the United States to have a 1:1 classroom, bestselling author of the Infused Classroom series, Holly Clark, takes a future-oriented approach to technology integration in education. Through her training and speaking engagements, she equips educators worldwide to effectively use technology, including AI, in their classrooms. And now, with The AI Infused Classroom, she offers a thoughtful, practical guide for navigating the latest iteration of edtech. The key to successfully integrating any digital tool, Clark says, is to focus on the deep learning and masterful pedagogy teachers can achieve with educational shifts, like the one the world is currently experiencing. Yes, things will change, but AI does not replace the need for well-trained and highly qualified teachers in the classroom. In fact, students need educators' guidance, now more than ever, to ensure they are prepared for the world of AI."… (more)


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