Six Jewish Spiritual Paths: A Rationalist Looks at Spirituality

by Rifat Sonsino

Paperback, 2002




Jewish Lights (2002), Edition: 1, 206 pages


The quest for spirituality is universal, but with so many paths of spiritual nourishment to explore, how do we begin to find the one that is right for us? "Our tradition provides us with appropriate vehicles to express our spirituality within the framework of Judaism. Jewish sages, taking into account the need and makeup of the individual Jew, have been very generous in outlining for us various alternatives.... As you become aware of your emotional and intellectual needs, and search for an appropriate path to meet them with integrity, you will soon realize that you have a preference for certain paths among the many." --from Chapter 9 Rabbi Rifat Sonsino--a self-proclaimed rationalist--offers a candid, comprehensive discussion of the major paths to spirituality within the framework of Judaism, and the differing way each path can help us on our quest to nourish the soul and enlighten the mind. Acts of transcendence, prayer, meditation, study, ritual, relationship and good deeds...which is the best path for you? How can you follow it?… (more)


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