This Is My God

by Herman Wouk

Paperback, 1992




Back Bay Books (1992), Edition: Reprint, 345 pages


Offers an explanation of orthodox Judaism for the non-scholar, discussing the survival of the Jews, the faith, the sabbath, festivals, holy days, prayers and the synagogue, symbols, love and marriage, death, and other topics.

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LibraryThing member edella
amazon PD: Recognised throughout the world as the best single work for those who want to understand Judaism, Herman Wouk's "This is My God" remains unique in the field. A major bestseller when first published, it has been translated into many languages and is now thoroughly revised and brought up
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to date. In engaging, straightforward language the author explains Jewish belief and worship, the meanings of festivals and holy days, attitudes towards diet, marriage, maturation and death, and the history and heritage of the Jewish people. He discusses the importance of the Torah and Talmud, the difference between Orthodox, Conservative and Reform Judaism, and the relationship of Jews to Israel and elsewhere. For this edition the author has written and essay exploring the problems of religion in Israel today. "This is My God" is an enthralling and illuminating book, readable and full of deep insights. It is essential reading for anyone who wants to know what it means to be Jewish.
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LibraryThing member icadams
Herman Wouk's introduction to modern Orthodox Judaism is a contemporary classic in Jewish writing. Written with the same consummate style that graces his fiction, This Is My God is one of the best introductions to Judaism there is. It lacks the scholarly writing and detail that is so often found in
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books by modern Rabbi's, it isn't a how-to or a guide to Judaism, but rather it is a book that shares the great Abrahamic faith like a fireside conversation. It is an explanation by an educated layman. Herman Wouk writes about his faith from a place of great passion, he clearly loves his faith, his people, and his God, and it shows in his writing.
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LibraryThing member smallself
It’s mostly centrist, albeit in a post-Victorian (1959) kind of a way. He does have opinions, of course, but it’s not really an Orthodox polemic. It tends that way, just enough to be perceived, but mostly it’s just a useful popular introduction to someone without any formal background in the
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