Kabbalah for the Layman I

by Rav P. S. Berg

Paperback, 2004




Kabbalah Publishing (2004), Edition: Revised, 194 pages


This comprehensive, easy-to-read book traces the development of Kabbalistic thought from its early beginnings to the twentieth century. It offers insights into the cosmic process and concept of reincarnation, and includes a wide range of encounters with noted Kabbalists who give us information about their personal lives. In contrast to ritual without reason, this contemporary approach to the most ancient of all sciences provides us with a fresh perspective of Judaism, and the promise to enrich our mundane, physical world and add purpose to our lives. As mankind enters the Aquarian Age of spiritual awakening and heightened awareness, author Rav Berg takes us from our familiar world of existence to a startling new view of our universe. Berg blazes the Kabbalistic trail from the very beginnings of our universe and leads us to a deeper, more intuitive realization of our enormous potential for attaining understanding and spirituality.… (more)


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194 p.; 9 inches


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