Das Erbe Die Geschichte des Judentums

by Abba Eban

Book, 1986




Verlag Ullstein GmbH (Frankfurt/Main, Berlin)


An attractive survey of Jewish history according to Abba Eban's perspective, which is not shared by the traditional Jew. Produced in conjunction with the television series.

User reviews

LibraryThing member rondoctor
Eban's book is a reasonably good review of Jewish history albeit very condensed. The ancient history chapters are fascinating, middle history is conventional, modern history is more cheerleading and not as insightful as I had hoped. Still, Eban's unique position in Israeli history makes this book
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well worth reading ... and the historic photos and illustrations are great! I have only one big quibble. Eban uncritically repeats the myth that the names of immigrants were changed at Ellis Island (because the immigration officials couldn't spell the spoken name). That is patently false. Names were recorded in immigration docs directly from the ship's manifest. The manifest was created at the port of departure and turned over to immigration officials upon landing in the US.
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