Recent Accessions at the PCA Historical Center.


A selection of works recently added to the PCA Historical Center's research library:

The Pastoral Office. A Sermon, preached at Philadelphia, before the Association of the Alumni of the Theological Seminary at Princeton, on Wednesday morning, May 21, 1834., by the Rev. Dr. Archibald Alexander [1772-1851] —

Cloud of Witnesses. The Story of First Presbyterian Church, Augusta, Georgia, 1804-2004., by Dr. David B. Calhoun. —

The Splendor of Grace. The Independent Presbyterian Church of Savannah, Georgia., also by Dr. David B. Calhoun. —

Presbytery of New York. The Presbyterian Church in the United States of America against The Rev. Charles A. Briggs, D.D. Argument of the Rev. Joseph J. Lampe, D.D., A Member of the Prosecuting Committee.
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