All About Friends

by Felicity Brooks

Other authorsMar Ferrero (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 2020



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USBORNE CAT ANG (2020), 32 pages


Being able to make and maintain friendships is an important life skill and one that paves the way for meaningful relationships throughout life. This fun, friendly and reassuring introduction is designed to help young children recognize what a good friend is and learn to develop the emotional and social skills that allow them to make and keep friends. Helps build children's self-esteem as they develop emotional intelligence and empathy by recognizing and responding appropriately to their own and other people's feelings. Helps children with the personal, social and emotional development goals of the UK Early Years curriculum. Notes for parents on the importance of friendships for young children and tips on how they can help children make and maintain friendships and deal with any falling-outs.… (more)


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