The Value of Respect: The Story of Abraham Lincoln (Valuetales)

by Ann Donegan Johnson

Other authorsSteve Pileggi
Hardcover, 1977


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E 92 Li


Value Communications (1977), Edition: 1st, Hardcover, 63 pages


A brief biography of Abraham Lincoln emphasizing the importance of respect of his life.

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This book is about Abraham Lincoln. The beginning of the story Abe Lincoln was grown and had a son. Abe was very well liked and respected amongst all. His son wanted to be just like him. Later in the book it tells the story of Abe's childhood and how he became the President of the United States.
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Though it was rough for Abe, especially with the death of his mother at a young age. It was just Abraham, his sister Sarah and his father. They built their own cabin to live in and fetched their own water to drink.

I think this book is interesting. It shows how children lived in those days compared to now. Many children even adults take everyday for granted and abuse their rights without thinking how one suffered in the old days.

In a classroom, we could do a research project on Abraham Lincoln by assigning the children to create a timeline of his life from birth to death. Also, we could create a song about Abraham's life.
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63 p.


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