COLUMBUS (Dell Picture Yearling Special)

by Ingri d'Aulaire

Paperback, 1992


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J 92 Co


Yearling (1992), Paperback


A life of the Genoese weaver's son who sought to prove the world is round, telling how he studied map-making in Portugal, waited long years for financial and material support from Isabella of Spain, and finally made four voyages to the New World.

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LibraryThing member ktinney2315937
This book tells all about the adventures that Christopher Columbus went through. While everyone else thought you could fall of the world if you went too far because it was flat like a square, he thought that the world was round and you could go where ever you wanted to.
LibraryThing member edeidrich
Ingri and Edgar D'Aulaire's retelling of Christopher Columbus' journey across the Atlantic Ocean provides a slightly watered down version of his tales. Along with giving a detailed account of his troubled and significant sea voyages, the authors utilize a colored and shaded pencil style to add to
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the lush and exotic sight of the unfamiliar environment.
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12 inches


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