A Line in the Sand: The Alamo Diary of Lucinda Lawrence: Gonzales, Texas, 1836 (Dear America Series)

by Sherry Garland

Hardcover, 1998


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J DA 1836 TX


Scholastic Inc. (1998), Edition: Library Binding, Hardcover, 206 pages


In the journal she receives for her twelfth birthday in 1835, Lucinda Lawrence describes the hardships her family and other residents of the "Texas colonies" endure when they decide to face the Mexicans in a fight for their freedom.

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LibraryThing member es109031
This book is about a 13 year old girl who just recieved a pack of pencils and a diary from her grandmother. The girls name is Lucinda Lawrence and she writes in her diary about the time she lived in and the battle she lost family in, which is the battle of the Alamo. The author did a good job of
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portrayhing the Texas Revolution and the battle of the Alamo.

I can relate to this book in a small way because i do have friends who have fought in Iraq and although it is a different time it is still a war and the brave men and women need our support. I have had some friends who have been wounded and I have also known some of the men who lost their life in the Iraq war.

For a classroom extension idea i would have the children write letters to some of the men and women serving in Iraq and Afgahanstan.
I would also have the students reenact the battle of the Alamo and the times that Lucinda lived in.
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LibraryThing member justagirlwithabook
I don't remember much of these books as individual books, but I remember reading them all as a young, avid reader. I think that ultimately these books are the reason why I love historical fiction novels so much. They all did such a great job of taking me to a different time and place and making it
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come alive, seeing the world through an older, historical lens. I highly recommend any of the Dear America books to younger readers who love history and need to get hooked on reading!
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206 p.; 7.65 inches


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