Happy Birthday, Molly! (American Girl)

by Valerie Tripp

Paperback, 1988


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J AG Mo 1944


American Girl (1988), Edition: Unknown, Paperback, 88 pages


When an English girl comes to stay at Molly's during World War II, she and Molly learn to bridge their differences and ultimately enjoy a wonderful, mutual birthday party.

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LibraryThing member t1bclasslibrary
Molly’s very excited to have a girl from England live with her family, but when Emily moves in, she is not what Molly expects. Molly learns that being Emily’s friend means taking a new perspective, one that ultimately makes all her birthday dreams come true.
LibraryThing member Legos
Molly is excited to learn that an English girl is coming to stay at the McIntires'--just in time for Molly's birthday! But Emily turns out to be different from the glamorous girl Molly pictured. Emily is shy and standoffish. Then Molly discovers she and Emily have some important things in common.
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The girls become fast friends and decide to celebrate Molly's birthday with an English tea party. But they can't agree on how to do it, and it takes a special birthday surprise to help them patch up their hurt feelings.
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LibraryThing member Karra.MCDS
Molly is about a girl that has two friends Lydia and Susan and she is taking place at World War II. She lives in America and pretends that she has her own bomb house even though they are all safe in America. Then a girl from England comes to Molly's house and Molly learns how hard it really is in
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England. The girl from England is not as Molly expected though, Molly expected her to have to look exactly like Princess Elizabeth, but she has red hair down to her shoulders and that looks nothing like her. Molly's birthday is coming up and so is Emily's, her mom thinks that it would be great if Molly and Emily could have a birthday party combined together, but Molly feels like Emily's taking over her birthday party. How will it turn out? I think this book is okay because it doesn't really seem to have a big enough problem as I think it should, but I like that Molly has to deal with Emily taking over her birthday party and criticizing her on whatever she thinks about England. I think this is a great book if you want to learn about the World War II because it says a lot about important facts in the book and it also has facts about World War II in the back.
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88 p.; 7.46 inches


093729537X / 9780937295373



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