Where is Gah-Ning? (Classic Munsch)

by Robert Munsch

Other authorsHelene Desputeaux (Illustrator)
Paperback, 1994


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Annick Press (1994), Paperback, 32 pages


Gah-Ning wants to go to Kapuskasing, that bustling hub of Northern Ontario civilization. But her father doesn't want her to go. He knows what happens to people when they go there--they shop until their money runs out--but she decides to go anyway. First she tries to go by bike, then on roller blades, but each time her father finds out and takes her back home. Then she meets a clown who is giving out balloons. She takes 300 of them and begins floating off down the highway in the direction of ...

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LibraryThing member ezwicky
Gah-Ning really wants to go to Kapuskasing, but her father doesn't want her to. She tries multiple ways to get there, and eventually succeeds. Lots of good repetition, marvelous illustrations, it's a Chinese-Canadian family in Canada. The child is successfully disobedient, which may bother some
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people, but except on the cover she appropriately wears protective gear.
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LibraryThing member ds119933
This is a story of a strong willed little girl, Gah-ning, who wants to go to Kapuskasing, a mall, but her father says NO. Even though she is told no, she hops on her bike and heads to the mall. Her father ends up having to go get her several times, each time he finds her on a different type of
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This story was great for me to read because I have strong willed kids. I felt for this father because the word "no" has no meaning to my kids either. And just because I said they could not ride their bike to the mall, it did not mean they could not skate to the mall, just like Gah-Ning. I also loved the bright colors that the illustrator used. Children who are very young would like the book just for the colors!

I would read this book to my students when we might be talking about rules and following them or about different ways to get somewhere. I might have them draw maps from their house to the school and tell me different ways that they get to school; bus, car, walk.
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LibraryThing member AbigailAdams26
A young Chinese-Canadian girl wants to visit the nearby town of Kapuskasing more than anything, but her father will have none of it. Her attempts to get there, first by bicycle, then by roller-blade, are foiled by her attentive parent. Then she visits the library for story-time, is given three
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hundred balloons by the clown/storyteller, and floats off to her destination...

Where is Gah-Ning? is the twelfth picture-book I have read from Canadian author Robert Munsch, but the first not to be illustrated by his long-time collaborator, Michael Martchenko. I was curious to see what I would make of Hélène Desputeaux's artwork, given how well I think Martchenko's illustrations complement Munsch's stories, and overall I was favorably impressed. I found the visuals here colorful and appealing. That said, somehow I wasn't quite won over by the story, even though I appreciated the detailed afterword explaining how it originated from Munsch's interaction with the real Gah-Ning. Perhaps because it was more text-heavy than many of the author's other books, it felt denser, less amusing? I'm really not sure. Still, I would imagine that some readers will find it entertaining, particularly if they are looking for stories about feisty, willful young girls.
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32 p.; 8 inches


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