Gianna: Aborted...and Lived to Tell About It, c. 2 (Living Books)

by (Shaver Gianna, Jessica)

Paperback, 1999


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J 92 Gi c.2


Tyndale House (1999), 270 pages


The miraculous story of a girl, who, after surviving being aborted, now travels the country on behalf of the unborn.

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1510-046 c.2
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LibraryThing member Neverwithoutabook
Amazing! This isn't my usual type of reading material, but the title caught my attention. This true story has an amazing beginning just like Gianna's life has had. Her young mother, unsure and afraid in the situation she is in as an expectant mother, goes to an abortion clinic. The procedure
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doesn't work and thanks to the baby being almost term, the mother gives birth to a very much live baby girl. It is a wonder that Gianna survived the abortion procedure, and didn't have more health problems than she did. Her story is one of strength in the face of adversity and faith. Her courage is to be admired and her ability to face things head-on is inspiring.
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LibraryThing member sparkleandchico
This was one of the better Christian Biographies I've read recently. Gianna's mother Tina had a "saline" abortion at the age of 17 having been persuaded by various professionals that this was the only way forward for her in her situation and at her age. However, although the procedure took place
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Gianna was born alive but with cerebral palsy; A congenital disorder of movement, muscle tone, or posture (google.) Tina raised her for a few years but custody was eventually given to the state and Gianna was adopted by Diana a Christian with a heart for outcasts (those that others had rejected.)

(I loved the fact that Diana had also taken in a 96 year old homeless man that she had found wandering the streets searching trash cans for food. She had seen him a few times before asking if he wanted to come and live with their family. He said "yes" so they took him home. He became "grandpa." Christian compassion in action!)

Gianna also became a Christian at a young age and began to use her love of singing to share her personal story and testimony. She was regularly in the media spotlight having also become involved in pro-life and anti-abortion rallies/events. She was the subject of a lot of hostility due to her involvement in these and because she was proof that abortion kills real people and not fetuses as many would suggest.

I was sad that Gianna decided not to meet her birth mother who tries to make contact in the book although I liked that she offered forgiveness very early on. I was impressed with how she used her media platform to share about Jesus primarily, always making the point that her priority was her faith and everything else was secondary. Indeed there is a clear Gospel presentation in the book. Gianna was able to use her traumatic childhood experiences to look beyond her disability and help others and to point them to the only source of true hope and forgiveness; Jesus.

The book is basically clean; free of bad language (apart from one use of God's name in vain at the beginning of the book,) violence and a sexual assault are mentioned but no details are given, the abortion procedure is described and some readers may struggle with this.

I would recommend this book for anyone dealing with issues relating to abortion....
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