Betsy's River Adventure: The Journey Westward (1808) (Sisters in Time)

by Veda Boyd Jones

Paperback, 2004


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J SIT 1808



Barbour Books (2004), 144 pages


Betsy Miller's family is moving from Boston to Cincinnati, and that means a long river journey, 19th century style.

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LibraryThing member MidnightTears
Part of the Sisters in Time series, this book centers on Betsy. Betsy lives in Boston, in 1808. She has friends, a school, family, and the ocean there. What more could a girl want? To stay, that's what!

But, with the embargo in place, the ocean ports are starting to shut down. It's that fact, that
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makes her parents decided to move to Cincinati. Of all places! What's in Cincinati?

So, we follow Betsy and her family accross the country, down the Ohio river, and until Betsy understands just what really is in Cincinati. Her family. She learns to accept her cousin George just the way he is, smelly dog for a pet and all. She learns her father really doesn't want a son, just to protect her. That her mother really does miss Boston, but is trying to be strong about it. That George's parents aren't really ignoring him, they're just letting him learn in his own way.

A lovely little book for a doctor's visit or a sit in the waiting room, since it's rather short. Just a lovely for a son or daugther to get them interested in history.

I'll have to read the other books in this series!
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LibraryThing member FriendsLibraryFL
Time Period: 1808 Thirteen-year-old Betsy Miller is shocked when her parents decide to move from their home in Boston to the rugged frontier city of Cincinnati. They'll take a dangerous, weeks-long journey by boat down the Ohio River. If that's not bad enough, Betsy's annoying cousin George is also
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making the trip-with his equally annoying dog. Especially for girls ages eight to twelve, this exciting story shares the emotional turmoil of a young woman experiencing dramatic life changes-while at the same time teaching important lessons of Christian faith and American history. It's an ideal book for personal reading or homeschooling.
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