Sarah Morton's Day: A Day in the Life of a Pilgrim Girl

by Kate Waters

Paperback, 1993


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Scholastic Paperbacks (1993), Edition: Reissue, 32 pages


Text and photographs of Plimouth Plantation follow a Pilgrim girl through a typical day as she milks the goats, cooks and serves meals, learns her letters, and adjusts to her new stepfather.

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LibraryThing member Hamburgerclan
Sarah Morton's Day is a slim little picture book showing a day in the life of a Pilgrim girl on the Plymouth Colony in 1627. From the notes, I guess there's a living history museum out in Plymouth, Massachusetts where folks reenact the life of the Pilgrims and Wampanoag people in those days. Sarah
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Morton is one of the characters and the book uses photographs of her reenactment to show readers what a typical day for a ten-year-old girl might be like. There's also a bit of a story as Sarah ponders some relationship issues with her step-father. It's an enjoyable, five-minute read for grownups, worth checking out if you want to educate your kids (or yourself) about life in the old days.
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LibraryThing member t1bclasslibrary
Sarah Morton is a character based on a real person. In this photographic story, a potential typical day for a little girl at Plymouth is recreated. Life at Plymouth is recreated in an interesting way, and many aspects of it are represented- her clothing, chores, schooling, games, etc. Because the
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photos are taken at Plymouth Plantation, they are clear and very realistic.
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LibraryThing member srgrammer
This is a good book for uppper level grades. It talks about the culture of pilgrims and history.
LibraryThing member ashleylegan
This book is fabulous for any elementary age! Sarah Morton is a girl who lived during the time of early American settlement as a pilgrim. She is young, so the students will be able to relate to her more than they would for an adult trying to explain the same concepts. Sarah walks us through her
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typical days—work, learning, play, eating, dress…the works. It is interesting to compare and contrast society today compared to society when America was first being established!
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LibraryThing member brandaman
About a girl who is a pilgrim. It is ok.
LibraryThing member marybetha
This is a picturesque book about a young girl named Sara Morton as she goes through her day during the various duties that a young Pilgrim girl would do back in the 1620's at Plymouth Plantation.
LibraryThing member mrstelford
Have you ever wondered what life was like for a Pilgrim girl? This books gives you a look inside the life of a Pilgrim child.
LibraryThing member CrystalRushton
Sarah Morton;s Day focuses on the daily life of a young pilgrim girl who just moved to Plimouth plantation. On top of the dramatic changes of moving to the New World, Sarah is also facing adjusting to a new father, since her own passed. The book details through the daily chores of Sarah and shows
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step by step how complicated colonial attire was to put on. The book also presents opportunities to discuss how Sarah is feeling emotionally about the move and about gaining the approval of her new father as well.
I would recommend this book to upper elementary students. It is a great text to use in the classroom to help students gain a better understanding of what daily life was like for a young pilgrim child. In addition, there is added depth to the story with the mention of Sarah's feelings about having a new father and living in a new and different place.
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LibraryThing member Ms.Penniman
Retelling: Sarah Morton was a pilgrim girl on Plymouth Plantation in Massachusetts in 1627. In this book she described a day in her life, beginning with getting dressed and ending with going to sleep.

Thoughts and Feelings: Life was, in many ways, very different in 1627 for a young girl than it is
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now, but there were still many similarities: We still have changing families, play games, and have lessons.
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LibraryThing member SASegsworth
Beautifully photographed documentary-style book giving the details of a Pilgrim girl's daily life.
LibraryThing member meblack19
This picture book gives a really good example of how life was for younger members of pilgrim society in 1627, before America was born. It details the chores that needed to be done, the things that children were learning at the time, and it highlights what was important to the people of that
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society. The book is maybe a little too immature for older high school students, but I do think it will be a great little book to show to middle school and lower high school ages.
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LibraryThing member msmarymac
Summary: This story details the daily activities of Sarah Morton, a pilgrim girl. It clearly relates the things she does each day from getting dressed, to preparing meals, to daily chores. The story takes place in 1627 and reveals many vocabulary words that may be unfamiliar to students in relation
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to life during the 17th century.

Personal Reaction: I really enjoy Historic Fiction and learning about the life of people that lived centuries ago is captivating. I also enjoy visiting museums that detail the life of the early settlers. History is all about the stories of people’s lives all woven together. That is what makes things so interesting.

Classroom Extension:
1. One way of adding to the lessons in this story would be to have the students visit a plantation that depicts life of the early pilgrims from the 17th century.
2. Another way of having the students relate to the story would be to have them write diary entries for their daily life that might be read three hundred years from now helping readers understand what life is like in the 21st century.
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