In Grandma's Attic (Grandma's Attic Series)

by Arleta Richardson

Other authorsDora Leder (Illustrator)
Paperback, 1994


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Chariot Victor Publishing (1994), Edition: Revised, 138 pages


A collection of stories of life in the late nineteenth century, many reflecting the Christian faith of the author's family, including tales of pride in a new dress, a special apron for grandpa, and a little girl lost while asleep in her own bed.

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LibraryThing member ReviewsbyMolly
Imagine my excited surprise when I got these sweet and adorable books! Now, why on earth would I be EXCITED about children's books???? I thought you might ask that. So here's why. This year I am turning the big 3-0. Yep, I'm THREE decades old this year. But, about 21 years ago, I went to a yard
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sale with my mom and grandma, and purchase this really SWEET little book for 25 CENTS! It was entitled In Grandma's Attic by Arleta Richardson, published in 1974. It was really falling apart but it was such a sweet little book and I was really getting into the reading thing so I added it to my mom and grandma's purchases from this yard sale. I still have that book. It was sitting on my bookshelf when I got these two. I didn't put the connection to it until I started reading these sweet books, and things started sounding familiar and coming back to me (gosh, I sound like I have amnesia---that's because I read this book TWENTY ONE years ago!). I went and got the falling apart book and compared it....sure enough, it's the SAME book, just broken down into more than one book! I was so happy, because this was one of my FAVORITE books growing up, to pull of the shelf and read. It took me back to my grandma's house and made me feel like I was up in her attic (yep, she's got an attic quite similar to the one from these stories!). So, now I am the proud owner of David C. Cook's ORIGINAL 1974 publication of In Grandma's Attic AND the 2011 re-publication of In Grandma's Attic series, books 1 and 2.

Now that I have that little story out of the way, I will tell you that these sweet stories are PERFECT for all those young readers out there. They take the children on a trip to grandma's house and some make you laugh out loud too :-). These are the kinds of stories I wish were made for all the kids now a days instead of the Twilight books. I definitely recommend these books for all the children (and, I recommend it to all the adults out there who like to read stories like this----they're warm and inviting and bring back memories!) out there who love to read. Five stars and high praises to Arleta Richardson!
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LibraryThing member aharey
I really wanted to enjoy this- I have memories of how much I liked it as a child. I guess, though, I've been spoiled by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Every little story in this book just skims the surface- I kept wanting more depth.
LibraryThing member classyhomemaker
I enjoyed these short stories about "grandma's day" (more like great great great grandma's day for me). They have a very Little House on the Prairie feel and many of them pointed to times when faith in God was grown. One story in particular, The Button Basket, was especially fun to read. My mother
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owns a basket just like the one described here that was given to/bought by my great great grandmother in Eastern Oregon around the year 1900 or so. An Indian was selling them by the road. Reading the book brought to mind a couple stories my great grandmother told me and I plan to write them down in my journal before I forget.

I only have one real complaint with the book and that's the fact that it didn't seem to be a big deal for the adults in the story to shame the children for childish mistakes. Apparently, that was supposed to be humorous but I didn't find it funny.
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