by Margit Strom Heppenstall

Hardcover, 1967


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Southern Pub. Association (1967), 122 pages

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Rough Syrian voices shouted, and strong arms grabbed her, holding her fast. Deborah tried to scream, but a soldier's rough hand slapped across her mouth. "Why did I disobey Mother?" Deborah thought. "What will happen to us now? They'll kill us!" But instead of being killed, Deborah and her maid,
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Tirzah, were marched across the stifling Syrian desert and ended up in the slave market, where general Naaman bought them both. The slave master?a sneaky, fat man called Obal?made their existence almost unbearable. And an undercurrent of bitter competition between Tirzah and Deborah turned affection into hostility. Shortly after Naaman's lovely wife, Shelomith, promoted Deborah to serve as her personal maid, the general became incurably ill with leprosy. Young Deborah remembered Elisha's miracles back home and reported his powers to Shelomith.Deborah, based on the Biblical account in 2 Kings 5, is authentic and true to life. Margit Storm Heppenstall has traveled extensively in the Holy Land and contributes to the story a flavor of realism that will delight readers, young and old.
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122 p.; 9.13 inches
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