The Big Lie: A True Story

by Isabella Leitner

Paperback, 1994


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J Le 1944


Apple (1994), Edition: Ex-library, 79 pages


The author describes her experiences as a survivor of the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz during World War II.

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LibraryThing member Book_Shelter
A very short, simply written true story of WW II, Photos make you feel closer to the people involved. About Jews from Hungary going into hiding and the trials they suffered.
LibraryThing member raizel
Isabella Leitner describes her life from March 20, 1944, the day after the Germans invaded Budapest, through her family's journey to Auschwitz to the end of World War II and her family's reunion with their father in America. An afterword gives a brief history of Nazi Germany. A map in the middle of
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the book shows the countries and cities mentioned.
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LibraryThing member jenunes
An interesting book, the Big Lie: A True Story is the tale of Isabella Leitner, a Holocaust survivor as she recounts the journey of terror she and he family had to survive. Geared towards younger readers, The Big Lie is a gentle introduction to the Holocaust. There is still mention of death camps,
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crematories, and so on. Leitner does not sugarcoat the truth. Instead, she focuses on the story of hope as this family overcomes even the strongest obstacles to stay together.
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LibraryThing member AaronPendleton
This book is an autobiography about a young girl growing up in Hungary during the time of World War II. It is a first hand account of the struggles families faced when the Nazis took over large parts of Europe. Since it is a first hand account, the story is very poignant and gripping, allowing us
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to see the holocaust through the eyes of a child.
This would be a terrific book to have students read as an introduction to a unit on World War II, the Holocaust, or Jewish persecution. It is appropriate for most ages starting at about the fifth grade level. Since it is an account of the life of Isabella Leitner in her own words and through her own perspective as a child, some of the more traumatic descriptions are left out when Leitner may not have known exactly what was going on or why things were happening to her family.
The lessons to be taught out of this book would include how Jewish families were impacted during the Holocaust, what one might have to do to survive the tragedies present during war, or just simply, why was WWII such a devastating thing for so many people.
The story is intertwined with pictures illustrated by Judy Pederson who has illustrated many children’s books in the past. There is even an afterward that gives a shortened version of the events that made up World War II in a way that would be suitable for younger students to read and understand. It isn’t too heavy, but its full of appropriate information that could spark an interest with the war and holocaust down the road.
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LibraryThing member benuathanasia
A short, snappy look at the Holocaust. Unfortunately, it's so quick that it's rather forgettable.


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