George Washington: A Picture Book Biography

by James Cross Giblin

Other authorsMichael Dooling (Illustrator)
Paperback, 1998


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Scholastic Paperbacks (1998), 48 pages


Examines the family life and career of the first American president, also discussing myths and legends, monuments to Washington, and Mount Vernon.

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LibraryThing member Ms.Penniman
Retelling: This book tells the story of George Washington's life from his poor spelling as a child to his death. It reveals some of the more tragic elements of George Washington's life, such as the death of his father, his brother, and of his wife Mary's son. It also highlights the pressures of
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leadership and responsibilities.

Thoughts and Feelings: I liked the part about George being a poor speller. why is it still spelled cough, anyway? Why? It doesn't make any sense. This book is the most comprehensive and darkest biography picture-book of George Washington I've read so far.
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LibraryThing member LindseyJohnson
Lindsey Johnson

Book # 1

Grade Level –
2nd-4th grade


Book Summary: George grew up in a large family, they lived on a farm in Virginia. His dad died when he was eleven. His older brother, Lawrence, taught him to shoot and other things. He had a farm called Mount Vernon. Lawrence died
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when George was twenty. George joined the Virginia militia and fought the French. After the war he went back to Mount Vernon and become a farmer. He married a widow named Martha Custis, she had two children, John and Martha. They never had children of their own but George loved Martha’s children. Martha died at age sixteen. George became the first Commander in Chief of the American army when America fought for its independence against Great Britain. John died during the war. After the war people wanted him to be king, but he didn’t think that was right, so he went back to Mount Vernon. John’s two children moved in with George and Martha. When the country wrote its constitution George was there, then he was voted to be the first president. After his first term people still wanted him to lead the country so he ran for president again. After his second term they still wanted him, but he decided to retire. He moved back to Mount Vernon. He wrote in his will that his slaves should be released after he and Martha died. One a cold day in December George was checking his fields and became sick. That night he died. He is called “The Father of His Country” because he was the first Commander in Chief and the first President of the United States.

Personal Reaction: This book is a good story to read to children when they are learning about presidents or about our country. The pictures are very good.

Extension Activities:
1. Research other facts about George Washington.
2. Draw a picture of Mount Vernon.
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LibraryThing member wichitafriendsschool
Here is George Washington's story. Beginning with his childhood in a large, close-nit family on a Virginia farm, we follow him through his life. There is a tragedy with the death of his father, then his adored half-brother. After he grew up, George joined the Virginia militia and fought bravely in
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the wild Ohio country. Returning to Mount Vernon, he met and married the widow Martha Custis. But soon there came a new call to duty.
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