The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist

by Stan Berenstain

Paperback, 1981


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E B c.1


Random House Books for Young Readers (1981), 32 pages


Sister and Brother get some needed dental attention.

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LibraryThing member klc400
This book would be great to show children what going to the dentist is actually like. In a classroom the teacher could set up something and maybe make it like a real life situation. I could see children getting into this activity and loving it. A teacher could also give children toothbrushes to
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take home with them! Books that show real life things are always fun for children to read.
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LibraryThing member t1bclasslibrary
Sister has a loose tooth- but she's afraid to get it pulled at the dentist. Brother gets a checkup and a cavity drilled and filled, and then the dentist gently takes sister's tooth out. The next day she finds a coin from the tooth fairy under her pillow.
LibraryThing member al04
This is a fantasy story because the bears are only characters and do not represent imitatable people. The Berenstain Bears are a typical family in the sense that they support one another and take care of their needs. The bears are simple animals that live in a tree so therefor the story is not
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The plot in the story is dynamic. Sister Bear has a problem her tooth is loose. Brother Bear gives advice and then there is a conflict. Sister Bear doesn't want to see the dentist. The dentist asks to see her teeth and then there is a resolution he gently pulls her loose tooth out. The three parts are clear and easy to follow.
Media- Colored Pencil
Use- early independent readers
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LibraryThing member baphilipson
I really like this book because it teaches children not to be affraid of the dentist. Many people do not like going to the dentist and this book shows them that it is not so bad. Children need to learn that the dentist is a nice place to go and that it is not going to hurt.
LibraryThing member bekstrom
This book is an example of fantasy. The Berenstain Bears are given human characteristics in all of their books. Bears do not perform daily human tasks such as going to the dentist, but the author makes the entire series believable. The story tells every day experiences that students will likely
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experience, such as going to the dentist. It tell the truths about bravery at the dentists. I would use this book in a primary classroom. The type of media used is pencil.
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LibraryThing member TimiF
This is great to read to children to get them ready for the dentist. The connection I had to this is that my mother read this to me before I had to go to dentist.
LibraryThing member menaramore
In this story, brother bear and sister bear have to go to the dentist. Brother gets his cavity filled, and then it is sister's turn to get a tooth pulled. The book tells all about the dentist and what a child can expect when going there. It helps children who might be afriad of the dentist learn
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that it is a safe place to go.
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LibraryThing member jbbarclay
Sister bear has a loose tooth and has to go to the dentist. She is frightened when she sees a pair of yankers on the table but she is brave and gets in the dentist chair anyways. The dentist yanks her tooth out and she puts it under her pillow for the tooth fairy that night.
LibraryThing member SadieCooney
Sister Bear has a loose tooth and Brother Bear has a dentist appointment. She is nervous because she does not want to pull it out herself. Brother Bear tells her the dentist can pull it out for her and that does not ease her mind. Finally, they are at the dentist and Brother Bear gets his teeth
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cleaned and then it's Sister Bear's turn. She gets in the chair and the Dr. wiggles her tooth and BAM he pulls it out! She puts it under her pillow and receives a shiny nickle from the tooth fairy.
This story is a favorite of mine because it makes the dentist look less scary.
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LibraryThing member JenniferRobb
Sister Bear gets her first loose tooth--and she's looking forward to a visit from the tooth fairy! S

I wasn't sure if Brother Bear was trying to scare her about going to the dentist or just didn't think through what word he used. At the dentist, he seemed happy to be the big brother, modeling how to
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do it for his sister.

Dr. Bearson does an exam, fills a cavity on Brother, and gently takes out Sister's loose baby tooth. All designed to make the reader feel more at ease with going to the dentist.
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