I Survived the Sinking of the Titanic, 1912, c.1

by Lauren Tarshis

Other authorsScott Dawson (Illustrator)
Paperback, 2010


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J Ta c.1


Scholastic Paperbacks (2010), Edition: Not Indicated, 112 pages


Excited to board the Titanic with his aunt and little sister, ten-year-old George begins to explore the ill-fated ship's first-class storage cabin when the ship is rocked by a collision with an iceberg and begins to sink.

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LibraryThing member adamjohn
George and her little sister Phoebe, travels with their Aunt Daisy on the ship that people believe it is unsinkable. The RMS Titanic. Once they get on the ship, George wants to explore every inch of the ship. But one night, some thing terrible happens. The Titanic starts to sink...
LibraryThing member amccann
George and his sister Phoebe never thought that when they stepped on the Titanic that the unthinkable would happen. George was so amazed by the boat he would always get in trouble trying to explore every inch of it. The Titanic was a huge and magnificent ship that all said it was unsinkable. But
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that thought was changed one night when it hit a glacier. George and his sister had to rush to the boat and try to be survivors. That night will never be forget especially for those who lived.
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LibraryThing member LeslieRivver
Personal Response: I have enjoyed every book in the I Survived series, and this one turns out to be one of my favorites. It's an already familiar story, so background knowledge comes naturally. The author somehow protrays the true gravity of the historical situation, but doesn't do so in a way that
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will give readers nightmares.

Curricular Connections: The historical facts of the sinking of the Titanic are fascinating for students. This book provides a meaningful opportunity for students to dive into history, an often challenging subject for some. Disaster is also fun to dive into. Studying class systems is eye-opening. Students can also be challenged to figure out how an unsinkable ship actually did sink. They could use their findings to create floatable ships of their own.
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LibraryThing member olongbourn
good series for elementary school age.
LibraryThing member ERegele
This is a great book. It allows students to explore the historic sinking of the Titanic through the eyes of a character close to their age. This book teaches them about the Titanic. By using a fictional character, the author is able to get the students to engage in the reading. It gives them an
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emotional connection to the book. Rather than reading a nonfiction book that students have trouble getting interested in, they can still learn about the sinking of the Titanic and be engaged in the reading.
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LibraryThing member Jadedog13
I read this one with my 8-year old son. He enjoyed it mostly because of his fascination with the Titanic. He was a little nervous for George at times. But I also think he could identify with George. George is a clever boy and enjoys talking to adults. He is thrilled when he gets to talk to Mr.
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Andrews, the ship's designer. He spends a lot of time exploring the ship and meets some interesting people. George's curiosity and amazing memory may be what helps him survive the disaster.
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LibraryThing member RLeiphart
This book in the "I Survived" series takes place onboard the Titanic. As events unravel they are told in the first person point of view through the eyes of a 10 year old boy, George. George has boarded the ship with his sister and aunt to make this doomed voyage. He is an adventurous, but
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thoughtful child, having lost his mother 3 years ago. Although he is a first class passenger, his adventures lead him through other parts of the ship for the less fortunate, so the reader gets glimpses of what other class accommodations might have been like. This book, and the rest of the books in the series, are written in an easy to read chapter format. The vocabulary and readability are appropriate for grades 3 and 4 and even reluctant 5th grade readers. Although this is a fiction book, there are plenty of facts about the Titanic woven into the story. At the end of the book, is a note from the author and also several pages of facts about this disaster. This is one of the most popular series in our library.
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LibraryThing member benuathanasia
There seems to be a consensus amongst writers as to what HAS to be in a book about the Titanic:
There HAS to be a scene where the protagonist talks with Mr. Andrews.
There HAS to be a scene in which someone points out that there aren't enough lifeboats (despite Titanic exceeding requirements of the
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time and so who the hell would notice?)
There HAS to be a scene in the storage hold.
There HAS to be a scene of a poor, beleaguered first-class passenger getting trapped behind the steerage gates.
In other words, Tarshis treads no new water and simply rehashes everything done in every other Titanic book.
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LibraryThing member Maydacat
This fictionalized account of the sinking of the Titanic will likely appeal to kids of all ages. George is traveling first class with his aunt and sister, and is fascinated by the layout of the ship and all its corridors. He is also a first class scamp, often sneaking into places he should not go.
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It is this curiosity and lack of fear that proves to be his saving grace. The story has some interesting aspects, including George’s friendship with a couple of immigrants, but it also contains some glaring misrepresentations. It is a fiction account, but yanking a 10-year-old boy off a lifeboat for being too old did not happen. There were other inaccuracies as well that need not have been included. Still, it may stir readers on to do further reading on the subject. The audio version was well performed by Lauren Fortgang.
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LibraryThing member jennybeast
Reads like a first book -- it's perfectly fine, but lacks something of the later books in the series.
LibraryThing member ibazel
Ok so I was trying to read 100 books in 2010 and it was New Years Eve and I was in a hurry. Made it, though!
LibraryThing member nx74defiant
George is traveling on the Titanic with his sister and his Aunt. George loves exploring the large ship. He gets in trouble for sliding down the railing of the Grand Staircase. He just couldn't resist it. He makes a new friend. The title reveals his fate, but it interesting to see how things
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happens. We also see what happens to them afterwards.
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Great Stone Face Book Award (Nominee — 2021)
Bluestem Award (Nominee — 2016)
Volunteer State Book Award (Nominee — Primary — 2013)
Cocheco Readers' Award (Nominee — 2022)


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