The Crippled Lamb

by Max Lucado

Hardcover, 2011


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Thomas Nelson (2011), Edition: Reprint, 32 pages


A lamb who has always felt different and sad because of his black spots and his limp, feels his true worth when he is called upon to help keep the baby Jesus warm.

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LibraryThing member pamelasmith
Grades K-8; I liked reading this book, it has a good moral to it.
LibraryThing member Librarynymph
Great Christmas Story! I used to read this every year on Christmas Eve to the gathering of 10 grandchildren at our family Christmas. I could never get through it without crying. So beautiful.
LibraryThing member khoecker10
This book tells the story of a little lamb who is crippled and always left out. He is very sad when one day he has to go back to the stable while the flock goes to another valley. While in the stable, the lamb hears a baby crying and goes to keep the baby warm. This turns out to be baby Jesus that
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he has the chance to take care of.
Genre: Fantasy
Critique: This book is a good example of fantasy because it tells the story of Jesus' birth through the eyes of a little sheep. The story includes the fantastic elements of a sheep talking and feeling human emotions such as loneliness.
Media: oil painting
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LibraryThing member Backus2
This inspiring book is about a little lamb who was born crippled, and different compared to the other lambs. He also didn't have a mother and a father. Throughout the story he is left out, lonely, and sad, but his best friend who is an old cow continues to remind him that there is always a special
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place for the different and unique ones. His special place was to warm and welcome the new king, named Jesus, while the other lambs and sheep were in a new meadow. He realized that his friend was right. This is a beautiful book with a strong message, but it is a little religious, so I am not sure if this could be used in all classrooms.
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LibraryThing member Vanessamom25
A lamb, who has always felt different and sad because of his black spots and his limp, feels his true worth when he is called upon to help keep the baby Jesus warm. The coauthors are Jenna, Andrea, and Sara Lucado.
LibraryThing member Mihalevich
Author Max Lucado
Title Thr Crippled Lamb
Illustrator Liz Bonham
Publisher Tommy Nelson
Pages 16

Summary of main plot: There was this little lamb named Joshua who couldn't run and jump like the other lambs could. Josh was born with only one leg when he was born. Joshua had a best friend named Abigail.
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The other lambs made fun of him and told him he was to slow to make it to the next valley. Joshua saw a Shepard standing in front of him. Joshua stayed in the stable for the night. A noise he heard in the stable. What was it? Baby Jesus Gods son was born. Josh the lamb new this was a special moment.

Tags or subject headings would be loving and nurturing

My response: I really liked this book I really liked looking at the pictures the illustrations were so well drawn. This book just makes me think and remind me that is okay to be different. And sometimes we get to experience opportunities that others wont.
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LibraryThing member agates5
Max Lucado’s work never ceases to impress me. The Crippled Lamb is a wonderful children’s book for three reasons in particular. First and foremost, the language in this book is very descriptive. This description is not overwhelming, but rather it helps clarify the text for readers and allows
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the reader to imagine what is happening. For example, when describing the main character’s, a sheep named Josh, best friend, a cow named Abigail, he said “She was brown with white blotches that looked like rain puddles on a path.” This helps children to truly visualize the cow without so much as looking at the illustrations. Which brings me to the next thing I liked about the book, illustrations. The illustrations are simple, however they really bring the text to life. Throughout the book as you look at the faces and even the layout of the illustrations you can see the feelings being experienced and the emotion in the characters faces. The final reason I loved this book was the message. Being about a sheep who both looks different than all the others, and is also crippled makes it relatable for students who feel out of place or have disabilities. In the beginning of the story, Josh is teased for being different and unable to go places with the other sheep. However, at the end of the story he realizes that he was born for a reason and is fine the way he is. This story line is encouraging for students and rather uplifting.
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LibraryThing member wichitafriendsschool
The inspiring story that has encouraged thousands of children who have felt left out or who have special needs. In this timeless bestseller, readers experience the tender love God has for those who feel alone and different. Joshua was a lamb with a crippled leg who felt left out because he
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couldn’t run and play like the other lambs. But God had a very special plan for Joshua’s life, as He does for all who feel alone.
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LibraryThing member SABC
The crippled lamb was different, felt he couldn't join in or be a part of what others were doing. Yet, God had a special plan for Joshua, the lamb. He witnessed the greatest event and was able to give the newborn King what he needed most.
LibraryThing member StephLaymon
The Crippled Lamb is a beautiful story of purpose and love. It is sure to become a year round favorite, but is especially good for Christmas.
LibraryThing member True54Blue
My daughter thinks this book is so cute and the message is a great one to complement Christmas.
LibraryThing member skayw
Joshua is a crippled lamb who can’t keep up with the others, but he learns that “God has a special place for those who feel left out.” A sweet, comforting Christmas story, beautifully illustrated by Liz Bonham.


Christian Book Award (Winner — 1995)


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