The Berenstain Bears and Too Much TV

by Stan Berenstain

Paperback, 1984


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Random House Books for Young Readers (1984), Edition: First Edition, 32 pages


Concerned that the family is spending too much time in front of the television and neglecting other activities, Mama Bear decides that there will be no television watching for one week.

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LibraryThing member DaytonGamble
Another stan berenstain book with a lesson. Brother and Sister Bear lie about breaking Mama's favorite lamp and learn the importance of telling the truth. good read for children.
LibraryThing member Mistin
This is a great book for elementary children. The berenstain family has noticed their habit of watching too much television. The mama bear decides to encourage the family members to leave the house where the television is located. The family do activities that are fun. The children may rel;ate to
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this fun story, and become inspired to go outside!
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LibraryThing member lleighton05
Genre: The Berenstain Bears are a family of bears with Mama Bear, Papa Bear, Sister Bear, and Brother Bear. They talk and act like humans so the story could never actually occur. However, the authors have the bears deal with issues that many families would deal with.
Plot: The plot of
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the story follows the typical plan where the problem of the bears watching too much TV is set up at the beginning. The climax of the story occurs when Mama Bear decides that the family cannot watch TV for an entire week. However, it is solved when they find many things to occupy their time and do instead of watching TV. The plot moves along smoothly and makes the story interesting.
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LibraryThing member baphilipson
I think this is a really good book for all elementary school kids. A lot of kids watch too much tv. Children need to learn that there are other things they can do to have fun. I like how the whole family does all of the activities together. They play on their bikes or watch the stars in the sky.
LibraryThing member crdutton
This Berenstein Bears book helps teach an important lesson-not watching too much tv. Mama bear teaches brother, sister, and papa that there are many other fun things to do, besides watching tv. She takes the priveledge of watching tv away from them and at first they hate it. They are so bored and
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do not know what to do without the tv. As time goes on though, the learn that there are other things to do and it is not such a big deal that they cant watch tv. They get the tv back and still choose to do other things. The pictures and illustrations are so good in this book, which help make it very interesting.
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LibraryThing member Vue
This is the story of the Berenstain Bears watching too much TV. Mama Bear decides to have the family engage in activities by taking the TV away. At first the family didn't know how to handle everyday without TV but eventually do.
LibraryThing member nmhale
The Berenstain Bears really love their television, and Mama Bear has had enough. Brother and Sister watch it as soon as they get home from school, and all weekend. Papa Bear watches it immediately after work. Mama Bear cancels television privileges for the entire family, including Papa Bear (to his
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surprise). At first, they are awkward. They've forgotten how to entertain themselves. Gradually, the family remembers. They sit at night and watch the stars come out, and they take nature hikes and ride their bikes. At the end of the week, when the TV ban is lifted, the cubs watch a bit, but are soon caught up in their other interests. Even Papa Bear, who watches the most, eventually gets bored and decides to head out for fishing.

The book is clearly didactic, but told in an entertaining style that carries its message without being preachy. At least, not too preachy. It walks that line of narrative and moral lesson that is often the core of the books in this series, with a heavier emphasis on the lesson side. The authors are clear in their point that they don't hate the television, but are promoting moderation, and being active in a balanced life. The Berenstain Bears are treasured characters, and children will likely receive the message more kindly from them than from their parents. Personally, I agree with the message of the book, and am happy to read it to my girls; also, to remind myself when I get too caught up. This is not my favorite Berenstain story, but a classic one, and a good read.
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LibraryThing member manemeth
In this loved picture book, the Berenstain family have been watching way too much TV. So, Mama Bear comes to the rescue and breaks the habit by taking the television away. This is a cute story for young elementary students.


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