The Berenstain Bears in the Dark (First Time Books)

by Stan Berenstain

Paperback, 1982


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Random House Books for Young Readers (1982), 32 pages


When Brother Bear brings a spooky book from the library, bedtime and the dark become ominous and threatening to Sister Bear.

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LibraryThing member conuly
This is one of the earlier Berenstain Bear books, and it shows. As you can see on the the cover, the bears are less stylized and cutesy than the bears in the newer books, and the story is an early reader instead of a longer read-aloud.

It's a cute little story about several cubs (sharing a bed -
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cosleepers take note!) who sneak out of home one night to investigate a mysterious WHOOOOOOO.

There are only a few words per page, with a basic vocabulary, so this one is perfect little-little ones learning to talk as well as for early readers. The vocabulary is largely prepositions of direction - up, down, in, out, that sort of thing. And the illustrations really sell it, very cute.
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LibraryThing member baphilipson
I really like this book. It has the little sister being afraid of the dark and the little brother can't sleep because of it. He is tired in the morning and it is hard for him to go to school. Then the dad shows the little girl that she doesn't need to be afraid and gives her a lamp. I needed a
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nightlight when I was a child and I am sure some of my students will need one too.
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LibraryThing member mwflood
I could relate since I slept with a nightlight forever. I could sympathize with Sister Bear's fears and was a little scared for her. I wanted to jump in the book and comfort her and tell her it would be ok. It was great to see Father Bear come through and get her over her fear of the dark.

This book
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would be great in any young children's reading programs, especially those with parent interaction. Great to help kids with conquering all fears not just the dark.
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LibraryThing member nmhale
In this installment in the Berenstain Bears series, Brother Bear borrows a spooky story from the library, and reads part of it to Sister Bear that afternoon. When night falls on the Bear home, Sister starts to see strange shadows and hear noises ... and the Bears are in for a long night.

This is
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classic Berenstain Bears, one of my favorites because I was so afraid of the dark myself as a child. I can relate to poor Sister's fear, and it's encouraging to children that she learns to overcome that fear so quickly. The cartoon illustrations, as in the rest of the series, are detailed and expressive, and the colors are nice and bright, despite the title. A good book in a good series, and an especially apt choice if you have a child that is struggling with being afraid of the dark.
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LibraryThing member danielleshorr
Grade: k-1
Modern Fantasy
Stan and Jan Berenstain have written many books dealing with troubles children have to overcome. In this particular story Sister Bear is afraid of the dark. She is afraid because of a scary mystery that Brother Bear read to her earlier that day. When she goes to bed her
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imagination takes hold, and all the sudden her bedroom is similar to a scary dark cave. I found this to be humorously ironic since bears live in dark caves. However Papa Bear eventually convinces Sister that it is her imagination. I love the description that Papa Bear uses when describing imagination. He says "A lively imagination is one of the best things a cub can have. It's imagination that lets us paint pictures, make up poems, and invent inventions! The trick is to take charge of your imagination - and not let it take charge of you." I found this quote to be very accurate of my views of imagination and how important it is to be creative.
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