The Mystery of the Stolen Bike (A Marc Brown Arthur) (Chapter Book 8)

by Marc Brown

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Paperback, 1998


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Little, Brown and Company (1998), 59 pages


When Arthur and his friends ride their bikes to school, Francine is embarrassed by her old hand-me-down bicycle. But when she reports her bike is stolen, her friends rally to find the thief. Will they discover the true fate of Francine's bicycle?

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LibraryThing member lleighton05
Critique of Genre: This is a good example of a fantasy because it has animals that can talk, which could never happen in this world. Most of it could occur in a world similar to earth, such as the characters' struggles, but the animals talking is a very unrealistic element.
Critique of Plot: The
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plot of the book is developed and contains the important elements of plot. It advances and the conflict occurs when Francine lies about where her bike disappeared to, and how the lie continues to grow. Like a good story, the conflict gets resoluted when she finally tells her father the truth and they are able to find the old bike and paint a new one.
Media: Water colo
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59 p.


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