Encyclopedia Brown Finds the Clues (#3)

by Donald J. Sobol

Paperback, 1966


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J So #3


Puffin Books (2007), Edition: 8.7.2007, 96 pages


America's Sherlock Holmes in sneakers continues his war on crime in ten more cases, the solutions to which are found in the back of the book.

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LibraryThing member ebethe
I don't remember any details, but of all of the books that I read as a youth, the only ones that I remember are the Hardy Boys, Encyclopedia Brown, Nancy Drew and some mystery about a bunch of British chicks that solved a mystery on an island in the U.K. (and not the big island, mind you). 5 stars
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for sticking with me this long.
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LibraryThing member Venqat65
These books did more to stimulate my mind while growing up than any that I have seen on the market today. Great series.
LibraryThing member MeganAngela
I happened across this book at a dusty thrift store and was so excited to find an original copy from the 1960s! I was born in the 1980s, and even then the Encyclopedia Brown books were a big hit for kids and helped us learn to think critically! My only complaint about the series and, in essence,
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this book is that the volumes are just too short! I would have loved for us to get to spend just a little bit more time in Idaville, and have the chance to learn more about the characters we come to know and love briefly over the span of the cases! Granted, I know that there are many more books in the Encyclopedia Brown series. I just think it would have been nice to have fourteen or fifteen cases versus ten. But, of course, that is merely a nitpick and my own personal preference!

I think that any child would love the Encyclopedia Brown series and it should be a staple of a child's library! Not only is it fun and good for those who are learning to read, it is also a great series that helps children to read closely, think critically, and imagine outside of the box! I give it four stars, but only because it is a bit dated for a modern audience!
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96 p.; 5.13 inches


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