Last Tiger Out: The True Story of Dan Maukar, Ace Pilot in the Indonesian Air Force c.1

by Jan S Doward

Hardcover, 1973


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SC Do c.1


Pacific Press Pub. Association (1973), 127 pages

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The true story of Dan Maukar, ace pilot in the Indonesian Air Force,
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Dan entered the runway and lined up. Gradually he opened the throttle to full power. At 150 K MH the nose lifted and the front wheel left the pavement. At 250 K MH the plane was airborne. When the landing gear retracted, the green light indicators went off and the three reds flashed on. Everything
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was up and locked. Reaching for the gun switches, then pushed the three buttons to load them. Now he was totally committed. As he passed the runway threshold, he flipped on the gunsight switch and back to East, climbing to 4500 feet. He fingered the trigger. 3500 feet. 3000 – – 2800 – – gunsight dead on the first row of tanks – – 2400 feet. A burst of orange tracers spray toward the oil tank target.Dan kept treetop level to avoid radar detection. When he reached the south side of the square, he zoomed up to 3600 feet and turn right to make a dive on the president's palace. He was on a 45° diving angle. When the gunsight.was steadily on the building, he gave a burst from every gun that sent the tracers in a colorful pattern directly toward the target.Dan Maukar's first love was his plane. Then came Molly, a beautiful black haired girl; next, the people of his country. Dan was one of the top 10 Indonesian Air Force pilots chosen for jet training in Egypt.However, Dan found himself being drawn deeper and deeper into the political underground. Incensed by government corruption, he staged his own rebellion with a "runaway" fighter jet.Last tiger out tells the story of a frustrated young man's attempt to change his government by force, and his discovery that change – – constructive, positive change – – comes only when Jesus takes control.
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