The Black Stallion Challenged

by Walter Farley

Paperback, 1992


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Random House (1980), Edition: (1st,1964); Seventeenth Printing, 246 pages


Alec Ramsey, racing the Black in Florida over the winter, receives a letter from Steve Duncan which results in the island stallion's challenging the champion.

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LibraryThing member satyridae
Oh, Henry, you cranky old geezer! Oh, Steve, you hot-headed young punk! Oh, Alec, you wise-beyond-your-years paragon! Oh, Flame, you wild and unreliable stallion full of beauty and heart! Oh, Black, there aren't any words big enough for you, you are Horse Incarnate.

Which is to say, yes, more of
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the same, but who can quibble with races like these?
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LibraryThing member mirrani
Yes, there are elements of the predictable in the Black Stallion series. Yes, this is one book that isn't all about adventure, being stranded on an island, wandering the desert, or surviving another plane or boat disaster. But this is a book by Walter Farley and I am certain that those who love
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horses, those who love the track, will enjoy this book from cover to cover. Farley writes racing like no one else can, making you believe you are living the book yourself. In this installment, where the Black meets his rival Flame on the track, readers get to see almost every aspect of life behind the scenes of racing. There is a a surgery, there are workouts, there is time in the jockey's room, and, of course, there are the races themselves. Never before have I put down a book feeling as if I have just spent the day in front of the television, watching the day's racing and news reports. For those who love the sport will be a very wonderful and welcome experience to become lost in time with these two beautiful horses at historical Hialeah Park.
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