Daniel Boone: The Opening of the Wilderness (Landmark Books # 21)

by John Mason Brown

Other authorsLee J. Ames (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 1952


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92 Bo


Random House (1952), Edition: 1st, 181 pages


Daniel Boone opened up the American west; more than 200,000 settlers poured into Kentucky on the Wilderness Road he helped establish. John Mason Brown's classic biography brilliantly depicts Boone's life and times, delving into all the complexities of this fascinating man as well as the landmark historical events he lived through-including the Revolutionary War and Louisiana Purchase.

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Although this would never be found at a public school's library today; I still found it - even accounting for verbiage that would make one wince - highly informative and relatively fair in portraying both the good and bad of the various historical figures involved. I also appreciated the little
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details and stories that so often get left behind when attempting to tell a broader amount of history.
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