Kathleen: The Celtic Knot (Girls of Many Lands)

by Siobhan Parkinson

Other authorsTroy Howell (Illustrator), American Girl (Editor)
Hardcover, 2003


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J IR 1937


Middleton, Wis. : Pleasant Co., c2003.


Twelve-year-old Dubliner Kathleen Delaney is given the chance to take Irish dancing lessons in 1937 and discovers she has a talent for it.

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LibraryThing member t1bclasslibrary
Kathleen’s mother is told to give Kathleen Irish dancing lessons, but when she tries them out, she finds out that they are far from within the family’s budget. Kathleen is heartbroken, but gets a surprise- the dancing teacher offers her lessons for free because she believes that she will win an
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award for the school. Her next challeng is finding a costume with no money to spend...
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LibraryThing member eurbanowicz
Kathleen is growing up poor in Dublin during the late 1930s. When she is encouraged to take Irish step-dancing classes, she falls in love with the art and signs up to take part in a competition. However, her family is reluctant to pay for lessons and the costume required for competition.

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Published by American Girl, this book is one of a series meant to take a look at girls of different countries and eras. This title in the series was quite interesting, as it was full of the tension between the Catholics and Protestants that still exists in the nation. We get a bit of the separatist tension also, as Ireland was looking to break away from England. But, as is true for many young girls, the tensions of the world is far less important than day-to-day life, and this book provides an informational and fascinating look at how an Irish girl like Kathleen would live.

THEMES/CONCEPTS: Dance, poverty, Irish history, the depression, religious conflict, the separatist movement, girl powe
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LibraryThing member ChristianR
Part of the Girls of Many Lands series by American Girl. Kathleen, an Irish girl, lives with her very poor family in Dublin in the 1930s. She goes to Catholic school, but gets in trouble for being late to school when the book opens because she has to get her sisters ready in the morning while her
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mother helps a neighbor in childbirth. The head nun realizes that Kathleen's family must be struggling and suggests that Kathleen take up Irish dance to give her something that she can be really good at. Kathleen does excel a dance, but suffers some bumps along the road because she can't afford either lessons or the costume for the festival.
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LibraryThing member SandSing7
A lovely, simple story.


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166 p.; 22 cm


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